Roots vacuum pump Features

Roots vacuum pump as compared to other types of vacuum pumps, there are the following advantages:

1:Over a wide pressure range, with a stable Su great hatred, can quickly exhaust a sudden release of gas to make up for lack of oil-sealed mechanical pumps and diffusion pump, it is only suitable for mechanical booster pump, seal or seal in there Please expand under vacuum atmosphere can be straight row, also suitable for rough vacuum Su great hatred.

2:Advanced design, reasonable structure, between the rotor and the rotor between the gap and not to mention both. Do not touch, do not lubricate, pulled out a small loss, Branch larger pumping speed with low power, there is a significant energy savings.

3:The rotor has a good collection of symmetry, smooth, can improve the speed of approach to obtain high pumping the Soviet Union, and thus achieve a compact structure, small size and light weight.

4:Strong does not occur within the pump gas compression, combined with a gap between the moving parts of the Soviet Union inhale smoke dust and water vapor weight-insensitive, so you can extract Corning Hing steam.

5:Strong internal pump without moving parts lubricated with oil, to avoid contamination of the oil vapor vacuum system is conducive to obtain oil-free vacuum.

6:Without intake and exhaust valves, simple structure, low noise, strong pump inside the moving parts do not touch each other, not damaged, and low maintenance costs.

7:Start fast, within a longer period of time to achieve the ultimate vacuum

Roots vacuum pump shortcomings are:

1:Due to the complex shape of the rotor surface is curved cooking, high processing requirements for wiring, testing is also more difficult in the manufacturing assembly difficult.

2:Out of the air as effective as high oil booster, back diffusion volume

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