Advantages and Disadvantages of Oil Free Vacuum Pump

Oil-free vacuum pump is a vacuum without any oil for lubricating machinery running both work. It has a simple structure, easy to operate, easy to maintain, does not pollute the environment and so on. Oil-free vacuum pump durability, is vacuum, compression, dual vacuum pump is a very wide range of applications to obtain basic equipment vacuum.

Compared with oil-free vacuum pump vacuum is low, a small amount of exhaust, but compact, easy to install, simple to maintain, easy to move, no smoke, no pollution, especially in demanding better laboratory use. One of the most standing laboratory equipment.

Therefore, when the optional oil-free vacuum pump should determine the degree of vacuum requirements of the job, if the demand is high true, and the vacuum pump is necessary to choose the degree of vacuum is higher than the demand, or fail to vacuum requirements, it will not reach to the job requirements. Followed by oil-free vacuum pump rates would be slightly larger than the demand for pumping speed the selection, so that we can better meet their needs. Finally, look at whether the corrosive gas extraction, corrosive gases will corrode the pump, you must use special materials to meet demand.

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