Piston vacuum pump used in coconut oil(palm oil) bleaching process

In coconut& palm oil bleaching process, we should use vacuum pump to create vacuum for the agitator. Normally we use the piston vacuum pump 2H series model as working pump.

Complete process PID as below:

This system include: piston vacuum pump, water separator+tank+agitator+filter+transfer pump.

Piston vacuum pump: To offer enough vacuum for complete system(agitator, tank, separator and pipes)

Water separator: To avoid water into piston vacum pump suction port.

Tank: To collect the liquid from agitator and connect the cooling tower

Agitator: To adjust palm oil color to clearer.

Filter: To catch impurities in coconut oil.

Transfer pump: To transfer coconut oil or water into next process.

After the filter, bleached coconut& palm oil will go to next process.

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