Vacuum Pump Maintenance and Repair

Vacuum pump for us is very familiar, everywhere in our lives, used in various industries, and have played a very important role, but people do not pay attention when in use maintenance, today gave you explain pumps maintenance and repair:

1, vacuum pump and the surroundings should be kept clean.
2, vacuum pump during operation should be kept within the fuel tank must not fall below the center of the oil standard.
3, different types and brands of vacuum pump oil should not be mixed.
4, the vacuum pump, in use, the temperature rise can not exceed 70 ℃.
5, the new pump at about 100 h using oil should be replaced 1-2 times, to be replaced in the discovery of oil no longer contain ferrous metal powder, can be extended drain intervals, according to the instructions provided with the use of the actual situation to determine the drain intervals .

6, new pumps and pump should be repaired as running test 4-6h, check the pump meets the requirements.
7, after the pump used for a long time, “ranging from 2-3 years, ultimate vacuum down there should be a maintenance, but also response systems, piping, valves and motors, etc. to be cleaned, and maintenance.
8, the pump is in use, because the system is corrupted, and other special accident or sudden exposure to atmospheric air intake, should stop the pump as soon as possible, and cut off the vacuum line connected to the system (or clip off a low vacuum valve vacuum clip) to prevent injection contamination of the workplace.
9, the pump all the parts, not absolutely necessary, do not disassemble.
10, when the pump is not in use, use the rubber cap (cap) of the intake port plug well, so dirt and hard thing to fall within the pump.
11, always pay attention to the vacuum technology developments, as early as possible the introduction of new technologies, new materials (such as a new oil pump), to improve the performance of existing systems. vacuum pump applications
This is the knowledge of the care and maintenance of the pump, please carefully read, use the time to do this work, to avoid machine malfunction, effectively extending the service life.


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