2015 The 12th China (Chengdu) International Valve + Fittings + Fluid Industry Exhibition

Show Time: 2015-03-12 to 2015-03-14
Venue Address: Chengdu Century City New International Convention and Exhibition Centre
Official support:Sichuan Province Economic and Information Technology Commission
Organizers:China Chengda Engineering Co., Ltd.
Chengdu Huanda Petroleum Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Exhibition Highlights
1, China Chengda Engineering Co., full participation, project room, self-control director and the main work of technical guidance.
2, part of an international engineering company pipelines room, self-control room, purchasing director went to the exhibition site.
3, held at the same engineering firm valve procurement briefings, valves Traders Association, petroleum chemical industry equipment exposition.

Focus on promotion
1, oil, natural gas, Oil and Gas Pipeline 6, pharmaceutical, food and beverage industry
2, coal chemical, petrochemical, chemical engineering 7, real estate, construction, fire protection engineering
3, hydropower, thermal power, nuclear power construction 8, automobile, metallurgy, machinery and other heavy equipment manufacturing
4, urban municipal pipe network, sewage treatment plant construction 9, fluid equipment, water treatment equipment, chemical equipment, oil and gas companies
5, 10 environmental engineering company, valves traders, general contracting company, mechanical and electrical installation company

The main exhibits
1, manual valves, electric valves, pneumatic valves, special valves, instrumentation valves and implementing agencies.
2, pipe fittings, flanges, seals.
3, the pump (various types of vacuum pumps: rotary vane vacuum pumps, oil vacuum diffusion pumps, cryogenic vacuum pumps, molecular vacuum pumps, etc), fans, compressors and other fluid transfer equipment.
4, valve production, manufacturing equipment, testing, mechanical testing, maintenance and installation tools and equipment.

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