EVP attends ABTCP 2012 in Sao Paulo,Brazil

EVP in ABTCP 2012 in Sao Paulo,Brazil

Ms Ada Pan has joined this exhibition.

About exhibition

Event date:

09.10.2012 (All day) – 11.10.2012 (All day)

The most important pulp and paper event
Joining the most influential people and companies in Brazil and abroad to present new ways to improving company effiency, market trends and the latest technological solutions, as well as provide a sneak preview of the perspectives in the area and  promote  the networking essential for you bussiness.

45th Pulp and Paper International Congress and Exhibition
Discuss the global and local scenario and present trends that will guide the sector over the next few years. This year, the ABTCP Congress and exhibition will partner with TECNICELPA (Portuguese Association for Technicians of the Pulp & Paper Industry.)

VII Iberoamerican Congress on Pulp and Paper Research (CIADICYP) will take place simultaneously with the 45th ABTCP Pulp and Paper International Congress.
A partnership with Riadicyp, an Iberoamerican open network association that aims to develop and promote relations among researchers, academics, industrial engineers and managers from all Iberoamerican countries and others that work with lignocellulosic materials, pulp, paper and recycled fibers.


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