China (Shanghai) International Vacuum Coatings Fair 2018

Date: 14- 16. May 2018 | International

Address: National convention and exhibition center – Shanghai hongqiao (333 songze avenue, Shanghai)


Shanghai International Vacuum Coating Technology and Equipment Exhibition “(hereinafter referred to as China Vacuum Coating Exhibition) is a joint venture between Shanghai Space Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. and China Mechanical Engineering Society Surface Engineering Branch, China Silicate Society Film and Coating Branch and other industry units, fixed Held in Shanghai, has become China’s premier vacuum coating technology and equipment exhibition, is the vacuum coating industry exhibition in China and around the world.

During the same period, more than one technical seminar will be held to invite domestic and foreign experts and delegates to come and interact with each other to discuss industry trends and share their experiences. Vacuum Coating Exhibition is a professional exhibition of new materials exhibitions and will reinforce market-oriented operation “China’s first exhibition of new materials” status, but also to the international vacuum coating exhibition to take another solid step forward! By then, we warmly welcome domestic and foreign vacuum coating technology companies and related industries to come to visit and exchange!

Exhibiting range:

Coating materials: various film materials such as metal film material, oxide, fluoride, sulfide, titanate, mixture and the like; PVD coating, TiN coating, TiC coating, TiCN coating, ZrN coating , CrN coating, MoS2 coating, TiAlN coating, TiAlCN coating, TiN-AlN coating, CNx coating, DLC coating, ta-C coating and other composite coatings; Metal target, alloy target, ceramic target, alloy target, single crystal target, oxide target, boride target, carbide target, noble metal target, rare metal target (titanium, niobium, zirconium , Nickel, tantalum, tungsten, molybdenum, hafnium, chromium, silver, etc.), single metal targets, evaporation materials, special targets and other targets;

Low-temperature superconducting thin film: low melting point superconducting thin film: low melting point superconducting thin film, alloy thin film; high melting point superconducting thin film: refractory metal, alloy thin film; compound superconducting thin film: NbN and Nb3Sn, Nb3Ge thin film; Yttrium-based film, bismuth-based film;

Functional Film: Optical Film, Backlight / Display Film, Display Film, Industrial Film, Photovoltaic Film;

Coating equipment: vacuum coating machine, vacuum deposition equipment, optical coating machine, sputtering coating machine, glasses coating machine, optical fiber coating, CVD equipment, MOCVD equipment, film deposition equipment, glass coating equipment, magnetron coating, Ion beam deposition equipment, ion source; evaporation deposition mask, crystal film, coating fixtures, accessories, equipment, coating testing and monitoring equipment, film thickness monitor, coating firmness tester;

Coating material production and processing equipment: cold isostatic pressing machine, hot isostatic pressing machine, magnetron sputtering thermal evaporation, copper with copper and indium sulfur technology and equipment, high temperature brazing furnace, sintering furnace, intermediate frequency induction furnace, electron beam zone furnace , Electron beam melting furnace, large surface target brazing furnace, high temperature vacuum hot pressing furnace, rolling mill and so on;

Superconducting devices: Superconducting tunnel devices, superconducting quantum interference devices,

Film forming machinery, testing equipment, special equipment, film raw materials and chemical products;

Clean engineering: cleaning, protection system, shielding products, shielding room equipment, shielding table / Taiwan / counters, safety clothing, clean room supplies, anti-static products, etc .;

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