International Vacuum Industry Show Guangzhou

12. – 14. June 2018 | International Trade Fair for the vacuum industry

Fair organizer

Guangzhou Yarsy Exhibition Co. Ltd.

Room 501, New World Building B, West Shuguang Road

510800 Guangzhou, China

Tel: +86 (0)20 86800480

Fax: +86 (0)20 86800836

At the International Vacuum Industry Show exhibitor show in product demonstrations the latest products, solutions, technologies and applications for the vacuum industry and related industries. The exhibition attracts many international companies, which use the fair to come into direct contact with representatives from politics and economy. In addition to the exhibition there is also a conference with many interesting presentations.

The International Vacuum Industry Show will take place on 3 days from Tuesday, 12. June to Thursday, 14. June 2018 in Guangzhou.

Exhibition area:

1.vacuum access to equipment (various types of vacuum pumps: rotary vane pump, oil diffusion pump, cryogenic pump, molecular pump, etc.)

2. vacuum equipment (vacuum metallurgy, heat treatment equipment; vacuum freezing, drying, packaging equipment, etc.)

3. vacuum coating equipment (optical coating, ion plating, evaporation, sputtering coating equipment and related products, etc.)

4. Vacuum components and testing leak detection equipment (valves, fittings, measuring / calibration equipment, testing / leak detection equipment, vacuum pump oil, etc.)

Vacuum coating and superconducting film area:

1. coating material (target, all kinds of membrane, evaporation coating, all kinds of coating)

2. ultra-thin film (high temperature superconducting film, functional film)

3. coating equipment (vacuum coating machine, optical coating machine, ion beam deposition equipment, ion source, coating testing and monitoring equipment)

4. coating material production and processing equipment

5.all kinds of film testing equipment

Exhibition schedule:

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