In 2015 China (Zhengzhou) Valve Fittings Exhibition

From Zhengzhou Zhengzhou valve chambers and valves exhibition organizing committee, Henan Jinxing Hua an industrial company to invest 800 million yuan ready to establish Chinese Ying Yang international trading center valve. The project has been in Zhengzhou City Development and Reform Commission approval, is expected to implement two years.

The trading center covers an area of about 100 acres, trading center hall, commercial office, R & D centers and exhibition fairs and other major areas, a combination of production and talent base valve Ying Yang, Ying Yang playing the cross-regional and international valve trading center.

In addition, the Chamber of Commerce sponsored the exhibition industry in Henan, Xingyang People’s Government, Zhengzhou Valve Chamber hosted the “China Zhengzhou International Symposium cum Valve Assembly for mining and  vacuum valve fittings Zhengzhou International Exhibition” will be held by the end of April 2015 in Zhengzhou international Convention and Exhibition Center.

There will then be invited to more than 50 countries, 500 valves, experts and scholars gathered in Zhengzhou, Zhengzhou seminar valve revitalization of the road. At the same time, invite 3000 international buyers from around the world, as well as domestic suppliers and 10,000 vacuum pumps  30,000 people gathered in the domestic buyers Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center. Purchasing Conference target turnover is expected to reach 10 billion yuan, in order to catalyze Henan pipe valve industry to expand production scale, which developed into a leading domestic large valve fittings.

Organizing Committee: 0371-86052873 15093262948 Leader Zhu Zhiwen


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