European International Pulp and Paper Exhibition 2019

Exhibition time: 04-06 July 2019
Venue: Frankfurt, Germany

Exhibition introduction
ZELLCHEMING-Expo is the most professional paper industry exhibition in Europe. It is also one of the earliest industrial exhibitions. It is held once a year in all parts of Europe and has a history of more than 100 years. ZELLCHEMING is the annual highlight of the European pulp, paper and supplier industry. It is one of the earliest industrial exhibitions in Europe. This exhibition and parallel conference is an ideal platform for comprehensive information on products, innovation and current trends in the industry. Exhibitors come from the following areas of existing products and services: raw materials, auxiliary materials preparation, covering, equipment, machinery, accessories, electrical, measurement and control systems, paper production, paper further processing, logistics/internal logistics, training, occupation. You will learn from ZELLCHEMING-Expo: a compact industry overview of pulp and paper industry suppliers and service providers and a fiber-based industry; private conversation with experts, you will get information on new solutions and trends; various social activities and opportunities to maintain existing business relationships and build new partnerships.

Exhibition Profile
Paper machinery and equipment: pulp manufacturing machinery and accessories, paper machinery and equipment, carton machinery and equipment, spare parts, auxiliary equipment and instrumentation, paper processing equipment, dewatering, pressing equipment, vacuum pumps, valves, pipelines and new papermaking technology and equipment, energy-saving technology and equipment; paper raw and auxiliary materials, pulp, paper, paper products: various papers, cartons, paperboard, paper Paper products packaging materials such as boxes, various industrial and domestic papers and other processing papers, paper-making nets, wool and other raw and auxiliary materials; paper chemicals; handling and packaging machinery and equipment

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2BE3 Water Ring Vacuum Pump

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