Pulp&Paper paper machine

Pulp&Paper making machine use water ring vacuum pumps

Black Liquor | brown stock pulp | lime slurry and filter | sediment filter | vacuum dryer | raw and white water degassing system | tune headbox compressor / vacuum | suction box | Couch | pipetting and transfer roller roller | vacuum press | felt suction box | anti blow box
By using EVP liquid ring vacuum pump, reduce paper costs and improve paper quality. In the paper industry and paper machine vacuum system to remove water areas, EVP has been the industry leader.
Black Liquor
Black liquor evaporators in the pulp mill, to concentrate black liquor produced in pulp cleaning process in order to be able to recover these liquid chemicals in the recovery boiler, re-use in pulp production.
Brown stock pulp
Before bleach or other materials preparation, crude starched pulp chemicals to remove the pulp (“black liquor”) from the paper feed. Brown stock pulp typical level drum filter. Drum-shaped cavity can create a vacuum. When the drum is rotated in the raw material slurry, the vacuum allows the starting material from sticking to the outer surface of the drum, and to assist in the removal (cleaning) black liquor from the feedstock.
Lime mud and filter
In the pulp mill lime mud filter, clarify the process for the recovery of Whitewater lime. And brown stock pulp similar to lime mud filter for a typical horizontal drum filter. A vacuum can be generated inside of the drum. When the drum is rotated in the lime mud, the outer surface of the drum to form a lime pie. Then scrape off and on Whitewater process when reused.
Sediment filter
Sediment filter in the pulp mill, and is used to filter the “green solution” in the non-burning aerosols, as before combustion of carbon particles of insoluble iron compounds, and upheld the furnace of debris were removed. Sediment filter for a typical horizontal drum filter. A vacuum can be generated inside of the drum, for extracting particles from the green liquor.
Vacuum dehydration
Vacuum dehydration for dehydrating the raw material preparation stage, in order to improve the stock concentration. Dewatering machine is a typical horizontal drum filter for dewatering from the pulp in proportion to increase the concentration of raw materials.
Raw materials and degassing systems Whitewater
Whitewater outgassing materials and raw material preparation phase system in use, before the raw material used to tune into the headbox carry air to remove material from the dilution water or air. Raw material and white water degassing system is very important because air is removed from the papermaking raw materials, and these can lead to air pinholes appear on the paper, but also greatly affect the printing quality, the mechanical properties and overall quality.
The degassing system for a typical two-stage vacuum system EVP: a pump inlet raw boiling point (. 27-28 in HgV), two vacuum pump inlet pressure compression ratio of 4: 1. Between the level of vacuum degassing vessel and a typical use of pre-condenser, and require the installation of a small, two-stage separation between the vacuum pump. EVP pumps are standard materials.
Mashing box compressor / vacuum pump
Mashing box compressor / vacuum applied to the “plus cushion” of pulp chamber for generating a pressure / vacuum in tune headbox material level (or “raw material pool”) above, the maximum emission rate control materials (“injection “speed). Pumps are usually used as a vacuum pump through a series of valves and compressors in the “raw material pool” above the void volume of a vacuum or pressure to control the tone headbox hydrostatic head.
Suction box
Suction box is stationary device, on the forming section of a paper machine, dehydrated directly from the pulp. Papermaking machines generally have 2-10 suction box, usually connected to a manifold. Due to a large amount of dehydration, so it is necessary to set the pre-separator between the tank and vacuum suction box. EVP liquid ring vacuum pump is used to generate the suction tank vacuum tank.
In many cases, the couch roll is the final point vacuum forming segment, called the paper machine most important part of dehydration. After the couch roll into the press section, drying of the paper affects the steam consumption of the press section and drying section of dewatering performance. Couch roll is stationary, with the rotation of the porous shell. Couch roll may have one or two vacuum zones.
Pipetting roller and the transfer roller
Pipette roll paper from the suction opening on the order of forming mesh, and import it into the press section. Then, in the press section, the paper transfer rollers from one felt to another felt. These processes are not formal dehydration, but small amounts of water can be removed from the paper.
Vacuum press
Vacuum press mechanically squeeze water from the paper. In the press section, with granite and hard rubber roller surface into close contact to form a “nip.” A typical paper machine can have 1-3 “nips.” When the paper passes through the nip, wherein water is squeezed, penetrate into the press felt, and in the paper through the press section, the felt pads used as a means of transport and paper. In the dehydration process, the press section and non-vacuum vacuum roll.
Felt suction box
When the press part of the press, a press fabric (or “felt”) with water, glue, sticky residue chemical materials, paper materials, dirt and the filler, the papermaking process generated (“pitch”) and recycled paper produced (“stickies “) and mixtures thereof. Since each felt is a continuous loop, so water and contaminants must be removed before the next press start. Suction box for a fixed suction box, over the felt width, and the felt during pressing absorb accumulated water and contaminants. Each felt with two vacuum tank. When using a vacuum suction box, it must be pre-separation treatment, to avoid carrying water into the vacuum pump.
Anti-blowing box
In the press section, there are a number of “open” nip, before entering the nip, the paper is not to play a supportive role, the air flow may cause jitter paper, folded, or damaged. Anti-blowing box is fixed, before the paper enters, for generating a vacuum upstream of the nip. Because anti-blowing box cloth to dehydration, so do not be pre-separation process.

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