Water ring vacuum pump in tobacco product humidification application

Cigarette manufacturing process

There is no doubt that the good quality of cigarettes comes from the tobacco leaves used in the formula. However, the role of tobacco preparation and treatment methods and the processing of various procedures in the cigarette manufacturing process must not be underestimated. Even with a better formula, good tobacco leaves may be destroyed due to improper processing or rough manufacturing; on the contrary, poor tobacco leaves can be made up in some ways after careful and appropriate processing. Good product. Therefore, the establishment of scientific, reasonable, and more advanced technological processes and technical regulations is conducive to promoting the development of cigarette products, improving product quality and productivity, reducing material consumption, and improving economic benefits.

Cigarette manufacturing process

Cigarette manufacturing process: it consists of three main processes: silk making (raw material processing), crimping (roll forming), and packaging (packaging finished product).
Silk making process: including material preparation, moisture regaining, leaf storage, shredding, silk drying, leaf silk stalk mixing, flavoring, feeding, silk storage and other processes. The process task is to make various tobacco leaves into shredded tobacco with uniform proportions, pure and free of impurities, width, moisture, and temperature that meet the technological requirements of all grades of cigarettes.
Rolling process: including wire feeding, cigarette rolling, filter tip connection and other processes. Its technological task is to give full play to the efficiency of the equipment, roll qualified shredded tobacco into qualified cigarettes according to manufacturing specifications and quality standards, and connect them to filter cigarettes.
Packaging process: Using a variety of packaging materials and packaging machinery, the baked cigarettes are packaged into finished products that meet product quality standards and are easy to store, transport, and sell.
Reel paper: Because the cigarette paper is in the form of a roll, it is customary to call the cigarette paper reel paper.
Filter material: refers to the fiber material used when forming filter rods, such as acetate fiber, polypropylene fiber, etc.

Why humidification is needed for tobacco processing and storage ?

Why humidification is needed for tobacco processing and storage ?
Tobacco is a hygroscopic material and therefore has a high moisture content. When the air is dry, it is easy to naturally release moisture to the surrounding environment. This also means that the tobacco leaves will shrink significantly, lose weight, split frequently, and become more brittle.
Tobacco leaves after preliminary treatment need to undergo moisture regain treatment in a short time, and this link has a great influence on the quality of tobacco. In the traditional way of regaining moisture, it is simple and rough, and the regain time is long, and it is not easy to control the humidity. If in some arid areas, the regain time will be longer, which will have a significant impact on the quality of tobacco leaves after regaining.

In the tobacco industry, the grading, processing, and warehouse storage of tobacco leaves have high requirements for environmental humidity. During the production and processing of tobacco leaves, the moisture content inside the tobacco leaves is maintained at 13% to 16%. % Is the most appropriate.

The preliminary processing and drying of tobacco requires grading, which involves the grading and sorting of tobacco leaves, the transfer in the preparation area, and the storage of sliced tobacco. When tobacco leaves are classified, the ambient humidity is usually maintained at 50-60% RH. If the ambient air is too dry, it is very easy to cause the tobacco leaves to shatter without entering the shredding process; on the contrary, if the ambient humidity is too high, the tobacco leaves are easy to absorb moisture, which greatly reduces the quality and industrial usability of the tobacco leaves.

In the finishing process, the humidity of the processing environment must be strictly controlled. If the air humidity in the workshop or warehouse is not well controlled, the tobacco leaves are very easy to shatter and cause secondary loss. For example, when the air humidity is too low, the tobacco leaves break when making a cigar. Tobacco leaks from cigarettes and paper is jammed in the machine. Once the tobacco leaves after grading and sorting are lost, it will directly cause economic losses.

Water ring vacuum pumps can be widely used in the application process of humidification of tobacco products.

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