Sugar industry technology exhibition

SugarTech Indonesia 2018

SugarTech Indonesia 2018
4th International Exhibition of Sugar Companies, Sugar Technology & Its Supporting Industries
Date: 10/31/2018 – 11/1/2018
Venue: Grand City Convex, Surabaya, Indonesia

Concurrent Expo: Agri Indonesia 2018 – Indonesia Agriculture Exhibition
SugarTech Indonesia held annually is Indonesia’s largest specialized sugar and bioethanol technology event that brings together an international congregation of sugar companies and also its supporting industries gathered in the city of Surabaya, Indonesia to showcase the latest developments in the world sugar and bioethanol industry.


Grand City Convex Surabaya Convention Center

Grand City Convex Surabaya Convention Center
Jl. Gubeng Pojok Dalam, Surabaya
Tel: +62-31-545 9000


PT Fireworks Indonesia

PT Fireworks Indonesia
Ruko Mega Grosir Cempaka Mas Blok I No 47 Jl Letjen Suprapto, Cempaka Putih, Jakarta
Tel: +62-21-4290-0030


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