2015 17th Shandong International Drainage, Water Treatment and Pipe Valve Exhibition

Show Time: 2015-04-28 to 2015-04-30

Venue Address: Jinan International Convention and Exhibition Centre Shungeng


Shandong Province, the Office of Housing and Urban-Rural Development

Shandong Province Heat Association

China International Trade Promotion Committee of Jinan Branch

Jinan Branch of China Chamber of International Commerce


Jinan, China Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Jinan Jinnuo Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Scope of Exhibits

Water Treatment: UV technology, separation technology, reverse osmosis, activated carbon, membrane filtration equipment, water treatment chemicals, biological water treatment, wastewater treatment, desalination equipment, sludge treatment, pressure vessel / centrifuge

Membrane separation technology and equipment: film and membrane, membrane materials and auxiliary equipment, membrane separation technologies and complete sets of equipment, materials and testing equipment; solid-liquid separation technology and equipment, all kinds of FRP membrane shell filter material / packing, water treatment chemicals / reagents / paper / adhesives.

Drainage technology and equipment exhibition: all kinds of water supply and drainage systems(The 2BE1 series liquid ring vacuum pump EVP sever can be used to the large of water drainage and load shock wave and other hard conditions) and equipment, building and down the water system and equipment, secondary water supply equipment, water-saving technology and equipment, high-rise automatic pressurized water supply equipment, cooling tower equipment; water supply equipment and related software;

Various types of fluid equipment: pumps (various types of vacuum pumps: rotary vane vacuum pumps, oil vacuum diffusion pumps, cryogenic vacuum pumps, molecular vacuum pumps, etc), valves, actuators, pipes, fans, compressors, flow meters, fittings , seals, etc., all kinds of pipes, fittings, connectors, network testing technology and equipment, water testing, metering, billing management technology and equipment.

Water Dispensers Technology and Equipment
Drinking water equipment: water dispenser, drink straight, water softeners, water machine, pipeline water dispenser, water vending machines, etc.
Water purification equipment: central water purification systems, water purifier / filter, RO domestic / commercial water, nanofiltration, ultrafiltration, etc.
Water purification equipment: activated carbon, PPF, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, RO membranes, resin softener, etc.

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