Oil free vacuum pump in milk filling production line

At present, the filling system of milk cup loading machine is basically valve core type, closed by diaphragm, and the filling pipe diameter is thin. Every time the filling is done, the valve core and diaphragm will move back and forth. The diaphragm is easily damaged due to friction, resulting in short service life, high price of diaphragm and high cost of replacing one diaphragm. Each diaphragm can only be used for one month In one filling equipment, about 20 diaphragms are used in total, and the filling quantity is not well adjusted when replacing diaphragms, which is easy to cause product pollution. Therefore, the traditional filling system of milk cup loader is difficult to use, with poor practicability and high cost. Therefore, it is necessary to improve the filling system of the existing milk cup filling machine, in order to improve the use performance, reduce the cost, improve the filling efficiency of milk, and ensure that the milk is not polluted.

In order to solve the above problems, EVP vacuum pump manufacturer provides a filling system of milk cup loader – oil-free vacuum pump.

Vacuum filling: suitable for ① gas free, ② oxidation and deterioration due to fear of contact with air, ③ slightly viscous liquid materials and ④ toxic liquid materials.

Working principle of oil free vacuum pump:

Its working principle is the same as general positive displacement pump, which is composed of stator, rotor, rotor, cylinder, motor and other main parts. The rotor with rotor blades is installed in the fixed cylinder eccentrically. When the rotor rotates at a high speed, four radial sliding rotors in the rotor slot divide the pump cavity into four working rooms. Due to the centrifugal force, the rotor blades are closely attached to the cylinder wall, separating the inlet and outlet of the stator, and then the rotor starts to operate around, change the volume, and exhaust the gas from the exhaust port, so as to achieve the purpose of air extraction.


What are the main problems of aseptic filling milk?

1. The materials used for aseptic milk canning generally include metal cans, glass bottles, plastic containers, composite cans, paper-based composite materials, multi-layer composite soft filling, etc.

2. Asepsis of filling products, and sterilization of milk can be divided into thermal sterilization and cold sterilization.

3. Aseptic filling system is mainly divided into two categories: open aseptic filling system and closed aseptic filling system. The biggest difference between the two systems is that the closed aseptic filling system has a aseptic room. Milk is sterilized, shaped and filled in the aseptic room, which can effectively prevent microbial pollution. Therefore, the closed aseptic filling system is widely used in the industry.

4. The complete sealing after filling is the last and crucial link in aseptic filling, which can directly affect the shelf life and storage period of milk. During the operation, on the one hand, it is required to prevent the invasion of microorganism, gas or water vapor; on the other hand, it is required to ensure that the filling does not overflow and seal does not leak.

In order to achieve aseptic filling of milk, in addition to the four points mentioned above, it is more important to improve the awareness of health and safety, strengthen the management of health and safety, strictly control the quality, and ensure the filling production of milk.

The application of oil-free vacuum pump in milk filling production line is to set up milk inlet and milk outlet channels on the inner column at the same time, and use the cylinder to drive the rotation of the inner column to realize the suction and injection of milk by the piston type filling cylinder, so as to solve the problems of poor practicability of valve core filling system, difficulty in adjusting the filling quantity, high maintenance cost in the later period, and easy pollution of products Longer service life.

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