Oil type rotary vane vacuum pump — direct drive and belt type drive

On the market, rotary vane vacuum pump (also named as sliding vane vacuum pump) is very common, mainly mechanical seal, generally divided into oil rotary vane vacuum pump and oil-free rotary vane vacuum pump. Divided by cylinder block, there are generally single-stage rotary vane vacuum pump and multi-stage vacuum pump; Among them, the rotary vane vacuum pump linkage mode, generally has two types of direct connection and belt type, the most widely used.

Due to the different characteristics of various types of vacuum pumps, choosing a suitable vacuum pump can effectively prolong the service life of the vacuum pump and save the production cost.

Oil type rotary vane vacuum pump -- direct drive and belt type drive

From the standpoint of environmental protection, more customers will consider using direct connected rotary vane vacuum pump with built-in oil mist separator.Since most of the belt type rotary vane vacuum pumps have no built-in oil circulation tank, most of the medium pumped into the pump is directly discharged to the outside of the pump along with the oil fume. The water treatment capacity and dust treatment capacity of the belt type vacuum pump are better than those of the direct connected rotary vane vacuum pump with built-in oil circulation of the same performance.At the same time, the noise of the belt type rotary vane vacuum pump is significantly higher than that of the direct type because of the belt linkage motor and pump head. The lack of built-in circulating oil tank is not only the advantage of the belt type rotary vane vacuum pump, but also the obvious disadvantage. The most prominent problem is the serious oil fume pollution and large oil consumption.

At the present stage, in the Chinese oil rotary vane vacuum pump market, more customers use the method of adding filters in the process to filter out dust and water vapor. Taking environmental protection and energy saving as the starting point, the selection of direct connected rotary vane vacuum pump with built-in oil mist separator becomes more extensive. Production of direct connected rotary vane vacuum pump with built-in oil mist separator, mature and complete types / models.

Oil type rotary vane vacuum pump

As a direct the manufacturer, and EVP Vacuum Pumps have the following characteristics:
Environmental protection and energy saving, easy to install, finished product factory, can be used directly after starting.
Direct connection structure, no belt, gear slack or loss
Air cooling, good heat dissipation and bolt fixation
With gas ballast device, a certain amount of water vapor and condensable gas can be filtered
The oil mirror has a large window to confirm the oil pollution
Built in oil mist separator to effectively avoid oil and gas pollution and clean the environment
The air inlet is equipped with a check valve to prevent reverse flow of oil and gas when the pump stops
High pumping speed, stable vacuum, low noise, low vibration and long service life
The manufacturer supplies the goods directly to reduce the price difference between the middlemen

EVP company has a variety of mature and mass-produced vacuum pumps, mainly including oil / oil-free rotary vane vacuum pump, oil-free Screw type /claw type /Scroll vacuum pump, roots vacuum pump and water ring vacuum pump, etc., with complete models, which can form various special vacuum systems according to customers’ requirements.

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