How to reduce water ring vacuum pump wear

Water ring vacuum pump is often used in the transportation of dust, especially in the transportation of fine sand, so there are often some wear cases, but when it is found that the wear is serious, it should be treated in time, otherwise it will affect the normal operation of the equipment and have a greater impact on the components of the equipment, and will cause irreparable damage to the equipment when it is serious.


The reason of water ring vacuum pump wear:

This paper analyzes the water ring vacuum pump. In the industrial application, after using the vacuum pump for several times of water circulation, not only the acidity is enhanced, but also the turbulence of the water ring can be fully connected with carbon monoxide, so that the water is acidic, resulting in the electrochemical corrosion condition of the overflow part of the vacuum pump. The carbonic acid will cause the non-uniform corrosion of the overflow part, resulting in the impeller and other overflow parts Corrosion.

There is also cavitation. In the pump, due to the change of boundary conditions, the local flow rate will increase, resulting in negative pressure on the back of the impeller. During the use process, cavitation phenomenon is more likely to occur, forming a large number of bubbles. Later, due to the condensation of bubbles and the presence of oxygen, electrochemical corrosion will be formed on the metal surface. The vacuum pump will be deformed under cavitation, and the disassembly inspection shows that all the pump bodies with serious corrosion and wear on the flow surface will inevitably have holes in the front and rear end covers; in the process of using the gas-water separator, the corrosion and wear of the cylinder and the bottom are also serious.

1. The bag filter is set in front of the water ring vacuum pump, which has the following features: simple; disadvantages: easy to be consumed and needs to be replaced frequently.

2. Water curtain filtration is set in front of the vacuum pump. Its features are: suitable for large-scale air extraction project and water-soluble dust.

3. A special dust filter is installed in front of the water ring vacuum pump. Its features are: maintenance free and durable, but it is not suitable for dust filtering that reacts with water.

There are many ways to solve the wear phenomenon caused by the micro particles in the water ring vacuum pump, but no matter which way, it is to ensure that the equipment can work normally and effectively. When using the equipment, we must be not afraid of trouble and do a good job of pretreatment in advance.

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