milking vacuum pumps

Vacuum pump milking machine  of working principle

Instead of traditional manual milking, vacuum milking is used

Vacuum pump milking machine of main features
Improve work efficiency;
Improve the health quality of fresh milk;
Reduce the labor intensity of milkers;
Eliminate the key problems such as milk bleeding and cow maladjustment;
Humanized design, no adverse impact on cows, sheep, etc.

Structure: trolley
Simple operation, flexible and convenient, reliable performance, is the medium and small dairy farms and dairy cattle raising professionals to achieve the modernization of the ideal milk milking equipment.

Vacuum pump milking machine of structure:

1. Support frame

2. Voltage regulator tube

3. The vacuum pump

4. The motor

5. Silencer

6. Pulsator

7. Vacuum gauge

8. Collection of milk

9. Voltage regulator valve

10. Rubber piping

11. A pail

Milking vacuum pump for milking machine.

Milking machine, as the main equipment of milk industry, plays an important role in the development of the industry. Vacuum pump as the main parts of the milking machine, is the power source of the milking machine, the performance of the milking machine plays a key role, want to know more milking vacuum pump, please click the picture below or contact us, our professional staff, according to your actual situation, for you to make a plan.

milking vacuum pumps

Utilizing the skills of our qualified professional team, we have played an important role in providing a wide range of milking vacuum pumps.

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