HFV-K Series Diffusion Pump Oil

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Description: Low saturated vapor pressure,narrow distillation range,high molecular weight and pumping speed.
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Low saturated vapor pressure,narrow distillation range,high molecular weight and pumping speed.


1. Low saturated vapor pressure,narrow distillation range,high molecular weight

and pumping speed.

2. When heated to its boiling point,the oil will eject in supersonic speed to create a

vacuum environment rapidly.

3. Reasonable chemical compositions, perfect oxidation and thermal stability.

4. Low back-streaming rate,oil vapor will condense into new fluid as soon as it touches cold wall.


1. Suitable for vapor diffusion pumps,it is available according to the final pressure only.

2. Applicable to vacuum distillation,vacuum metallurgy,vacuum coating, vacuum furnace, and etc.

3. Also be used as working fluid of diffusion pump in industries,such as electronics, aeronautics,nuclear and etc.

Typical data

Item/Grade Item name
Viscosity grade(GB3141) 100 100
Kinematic viscosity(40℃),mm2/s 90~100 90~100
Flash point(open cup),℃ 250 265
Pour point,℃ -9 -9
Saturation Vapor Pressure,

kpa 25℃

Report Report
Ultimate pressure,kpa 4.0×10-8 3.0×10-8
Appearance Clear liquid


Clear liquid


Note: The data above values of typical samples only. Product properties should refer to actualmeasurement

Package: 4L/Canteen, 4Canteen /Case

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