pneumatic ball valve will affect the service life of the ball valve of air source quality

To prolong the service life of pneumatic ball valve, we should not only pay attention to its maintenance, but also pay attention to the quality of air source. The quality of air source is a very important factor affecting the service life of pneumatic valves. Therefore, the quality of gas source is very important. What are the factors that affect the quality of gas source? How to improve the quality of the air source to ensure the good operation of the pneumatic valve? Next, we will answer them one by one.

pneumatic ball valve will affect the service life of the ball valve of air source quality

1、 Main factors affecting the quality of gas source:

1. The air filter is not installed in front of the cylinder, causing impurities in the pipeline to enter the cylinder and wear the sealing ring of the cylinder piston.

2. The air filter in front of the cylinder is not cleaned for a long time.

3. The filter installed in front of the positioner of the pneumatic valve is too coarse

2、 Methods to improve gas source treatment level:

1. The filter with filter screen is adopted, and the filter screen only needs to be removed for cleaning.

2. The instrument air source shall be equipped with an oil-free compressor separately.

3. Use products with low air consumption. The air consumption of pneumatic ball valves varies greatly from product to product. Low air consumption not only reduces the compressor, but also reduces the air flow rate, and reduces the bleeding noise of the solenoid valve.

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