JZP2H600-4 Roots-piston vacuum Unit Used In Food Vacuum tank transportation

Customer Region: Southeast Asia Purchased Model: JZP2H600-4 Vacuum Pump Unit (ZJP600+2H-150 Roots-rotary piston system with electric cabinet) Application: Food Vacuum tank transportation the volume of the vacuum chamber is 1000m3, need to achieve pressure:≤5Pa Existing system: H-150 150L/S Piston...

Z1000 Oil booster pump Used In massive centrifuge of Rocket In America

Z1000 Oil booster system and roots pump, piston pump system for Rocket Customer region: America Purchased model:Z1000 Oil booster system and ZJP2500 Roots pump system Application: massive centrifuge of Rocket Vacuum pump photos before shipping as below:

Dry Screw Vacuum Pumps Used in Vacuum Furnace in Russia

Customer region: Russia Purchased model: Model LG-50 / LG-100 dry screw vacuum pump Application: Vacuum furnace application Equipment/Vacuum system photos before shipping:

liquid ring vacuum pump used In Daily chemical industry in Asia

liquid ring vacuum pump used In Daily chemical industry application Customer region: Asia Purchased model: 10 units of 2BV5-110 Application: Daily chemical industry application Equipment before shipment : as below

Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump Used in Autoclaves in Western Asia

Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump Used in Autoclaves Customer region: Western Asia Purchased model: Model 2BV2-061 single stage liquid ring vacuum pumps Application: Autoclaves Equipment/Vacuum system photos before shipping:

2XZ-8C and 2XZ-25C Vacuum pumps Used chemistry laboratory In Asia

2XZ-8C and 2XZ-25C Vacuum pumpsfor chemistry laboratory Customer region: Asia Purchased model:2XZ-8C and 2XZ-25C Two stage Rotary Vacuum pumps  Application: chemistry laboratory Vacuum system photos before shipping:

JZJA(P)LG300-2 Roots Dry Screw Vacuum Pump Used In manufacturing Sterilized Alcohol for COVID-19 in Middle East

JZJA(P)LG300-2 Roots Dry Screw Vacuum System used in Sterilized Alcohol manufacturing Customer Region: Middle East Purchased Model: JZJA(P)LG300-2 (ZJP300+LG150) Application: Alcohol Purification: Sterilized Alcohol manufacturing On-Site working picture: JZJA(P)LG300-2 Roots Dry Screw Vacuum Syst...

DLV500 Two Stages LR Vacuum Pump Used in Africa Food Processing Factory

DLV500 Two Stages LR Vacuum Pump Used In Food Processing Factory Customer Region: Africa Purchased Model: DLV500 All SS304 Two Stages Liquid Ring Vacuum System (To replace Italy famous brand rotary vane system) Application: Food Processing Factory On-Site working picture: EVP DLV500 Two Stages Li...