Calibration Tables (Plastic Profiles Industry)

Plastic material that has been melted and degassed in the extruder is processed into continuous profiles on the calibrating table. Typically, these profiles are made into pipes or various technical profiles for windows, cable ducts, medical tubing, etc. The plastic material is suctioned into a mold. For cooling and lubrication purposes, a film of water is generated between the inside of the mold and the continuous workpiece and is continuously extracted by the vacuum pump.
In the plastic extrusion process,mouldable plastics, often in the form of pellets are heated and forced into moulds of the desired shape. In a subsequent process,the extruded profile passes to a calibration table where vacuum is used to remove air and to ensure the final profile matches the desired shape and dimensions.Water is used continuously during the calibration process to permit controlled cooling of the profile.The vacuum pump must therefore be capable of handling air/water mixtures.

Compatible Products

2BV Series Monoblock Liquid Ring Pump

Main Features of 2BV series:
1、 Ultimate vacuum 33mbar.
2、 Coaxial pump and direct ,design saving space,easy to install.
3、 Lost wax casting, CNC machining .
4、 Mechanical seal design , easy to maintenance, no leak.
5、 Stable operation , the noise can be as low as 62db

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