Vacuum drying oven vacuum pump

Vacuum drying oven, applied widely in drying process of pharmacy, chemistry, electron and material, is an equipment to dry material in vacuum, which forms in its chamber with vacuum pumps sucking gas and dampness. It works at the base of that water evaporates quite faster in vacuum because of low boiling point.

Vacuum drying oven is composed of vacuum pumps with high vacuum, chamber, working cabinet, electrical heater and numerical thermometer. Inner chamber is generally made up of stainless steel by intense soldering and withstand technology and accorded with silica gel sealing pad so as to ensure chamber tightness. Besides, glass epoxy with high heat insulation is used to preserve heat to save energy. Heating plates are installed around the inner chamber to assure heating homogeneity.

Vacuum drying oven has some advantages which ordinary drying ovens don’t have:
1. Used to dry some objects which traditional drying ovens could dry such heat-sensitive, easily decomposed and easy-oxidation substances, even some objects with complex substances by making use of some inert gases.
2. No oxidation. Storage, heating, testing and drying are all done in the environment without oxygen or filled with insert gases.
3.Shorter time on heating, 50% less than that of traditional drying ovens.

Vacuum drying oven vacuum pump is the most important component. It influences directly the performance of vacuum drying oven. Notes to choose vacuum pumps:
1.Determine vacuum pump size according to vacuum drying oven body size.
2.Pay attention to ultimate pressure and pumping speed. Vacuum degree should be achieved in 2-3 minutes.
3.Know very well the objects to dry (inflammable, explosive or corrosive etc.) and the temperature in the oven.

Fox example for a vacuum drying oven with 1000l inner chamber, 2XZ-C series rotary vane vacuum pumps are chosen to cooperate with.

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