Vacuum Pump used in vacuum freeze-drying machine applications

Vacuum freeze-drying machine (vacuum freeze dryer) is used in drying high grade raw material medicine,Chinese herbal medicine,biology,wild vegetables,dehydrated vegetables,foods,fruits,chemicals,pharmaceutical intermediates and other materials.
Generally,the vacuum freeze-drying machine (vacuum freeze dryer) is including dying oven, water vapor condenser, cooling system, vacuum system, heating system, PLC control system.,etc.
(A) Drying oven, which is a capable of being vacuumed and heated obturator, and sublimation drying process in the drying chamber the material is completed, the material is placed on the shelf of the drying chamber, the material is generally placed in the shelf a thickness of 10-15mm. On the shelf, each layer has a probe for measuring the temperature of the material, to monitor the whole process of freeze-drying temperature of the material. And the oven door with rubber seal, should pay attention to when closing the door handle should tighten, make sure the box sealed.
(B) Condenser, is the sublimation of water vapor condensation sealed device.Condenser and oven connections is using a vacuum valve. Stainless steel tube with a vacuum pump connected to form a vacuum system, condenser tube top with defrost water pipe, which is connected through a vacuum diaphragm and pipes, which is to ensure that the defrost water does not enter the drying oven and vacuum pipelines.
(C) Vacuum system, the vacuum system freeze-drying machine is composed by rotary vane vacuum pumps orwater ring pumps and roots vacuum pumps. Roots vacuum pumps can not be separated used;it must be used as a booster pumps. Hence,you must first start the rotary vane pumps or water ring pumps, when the degree of vacuum in the system reaches 1Kpa below, and then automatically starts Roots pump.
Between the oven and the condenser vacuum line, equipped with a vacuum valve can be opened at any time according to requirements, Off. Vacuum piping, a solenoid deflate valve, when the pump stops working automatically shut down the vacuum line, while the air into the pump, vacuum pump oil to avoid negative effects due to the vacuum line playback, the vacuum pump of the connecting pipe air-corrugated hoses to prevent vibration during operation.
(D) Cooling system, vacuum freeze-drying machine refrigeration compressor refrigeration system constituted by using Freon R22 refrigerant or crew and fluoride refrigeration units, chillers refrigeration system consisting of quick-frozen lyophilized product with water trap and refrigeration systems.
(E) PLC control system, electrical control systems, including freeze-drying machine computer display logger, consoles, control instruments, adjusting instruments, such as automatic device. Its function is to freeze-drying machine manually or automatically controlled to enable normal operation of equipment. Dashboard console equipped with temperature, vacuum logging devices, vacuum drying oven and vacuum gauge, temperature indicator regulator, liquid temperature control regulator, meter clock, etc. Button panel of each unit is equipped with switches and so on.

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