Roots Vacuum pump used in the vacuum milking of agriculture

With the continuous development of production technology, vacuum milking machine gradually replaced the traditional manual milking, using vacuum milking machine can not only improve the efficiency of milking and the clean health, which is the best choice f or the milk farmers.

Milking machine structure: by the vacuum pump, vacuum pump generally have rotary vane vacuum pump, roots vacuum pump,vacuum gauge, vacuum switch, motor, vacuum pipelines, milking stools, milk cup, milk collection device.this Machines can give one hundred cows milk, each one hour 15 to 18 can milk cows, and each cow
milking time is only 5 to 7 minutes.

Milking machine’s operation: the role of the milking machine is the use of vacuum suction, sucked out of cow milk from the breast, and calf suck the milk.Before milking milking machine to clean clean, at the same time use Venom soak udder several seconds, and then began to do the milking.Milking start the motor and pump, open the vacuum switch, milk cup set on milk, using pulse produced by pulsating vacuum out of milk Juice, then through milk milk hose into the bucket.

Milking machine in the milk production is an important tool, it is not only an increase of the whole work has convenience, but also to make it work with great efficiency, this kind of equipment for people there are Big help, nature is also because of its structure itself, it is composed of two parts, the first part, was part of the milking, and milk it for a good contact, it will also make some State of the imitation.

It can be pumping for Dallas to imitate, such not only can let the cows have a very good accept, also achieved the purpose of pumping , at the same time, another part, is the vacuum milking machine parts, because of its final purpose is to absorb, but as long as it is, let it use to vacuum, so it has a vacuum part, based on the application of more roots vacuum pump as an example, we also can use rotary vane vacuum pump as the pumping machine , finally completed the part of the pumping, so The use of it can achieve the purpose of people to use.

Roots vacuum pump is heavy vacuum supply equipment, can run for long time operation, extraction ability, applied to large milking equipment.Its advantage is less maintenance, high reliability, no oil lubrication and close Seal, no pollution, but the price is relatively high, the maintenance is more complex.

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