Vacuum system in the application of electrical industry (vacuum drying tank)

Vacuum application technology in electrical engineering industry

In recent years, with the situation of reform and opening up further, China’s electrical industry GeChang (including power transformers, power capacitors, power cable, insulating material, high and low pressure switch, transformer, electric porcelain, rectifier, motor, etc.) are the introduction of foreign advanced technology.Of the manufacturing process and special equipment is very important part is the vacuum applied technology, the power industry mainly use rotary vane vacuum pump and roots vacuum pump, vacuum, that is, “DVD”, “VPI technology and equipment.

As is known to all, electrician product quality.The most fundamental is to reflect on how its insulation performance, and most of the insulating material in order to obtain higher dielectric strength, must be processed.This leads to the application of vacuum technology in the electrical industry, and the extent of application, scope of the width is less than the other industries.

Vacuum technology in our country from the traditional view, should be a single measurement of leak detection, vacuum and vacuum system to move the relatively narrow concept of vacuum technology to all kinds of complicated and related to the vacuum side wide capacity is much (that is, the middle and low vacuum range), the application of the technology.

Electrician product “DVD”, “VPI technology electrical products in the process of manufacturing, vacuum drying processing commonly, namely” * D “process.For example: power capacitor core body vacuum to bake dry processing.Due to low pressure, pulse, coupling and other varieties of power capacitor in parallel solid insulating medium is using capacitor paper, more film paper composite medium structure and core of all power capacitor

Main mentioned roots rotary vane unit used in power industry, vacuum drying, vacuum drying principle is as follows:

Under ordinary conditions of various heating drying method, because the material is heated, its color, aroma, taste and nutrition will be affected by a certain degree of loss.If adopt the method of vacuum drying, because under a state of negative pressure isolation air made parts prone to oxidation and chemical changes in the process of drying materials can better keep the original features, can reduce the loss of quality.Vacuum drying is to be placed in airtight dry material in drying chamber, a vacuum system is in vacuum at the same time, to be dry material heating, appropriate internal moisture of material through the differential pressure or concentration diffusion to the surface and water molecules on the surface of material gain enough momentum, after the attraction between the molecules, escape to the vacuum chamber of the low pressure in the air, and vacuum pump for being removed.

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