Water ring pump application in coal industry

2BE water ring vacuum pump

No matter Extracting alumina from bauxite, iron ore, phosphates, copper, titanium dioxide, or coal, and the general application of liquid ring vacuum pump can be used as follows:

vacuum filtration
Flat, a drum, tape, and precoat filter machine in the application of filter cake dehydration, liquid ring pump is well known.Calculation and selection of the correct zinc liquid ring pump is on the basis of filtrate and filter types.
Multiple effect evaporator
At the end of the evaporator is typical vacuum.Liquid ring pump is used to remove the non-condensable gas, in order to maintain the appropriate vacuum degree in the evaporator.

Gas recovery
2BE liquid ring compressor used for recycling in the smelting and other similar production of carbon monoxide and other gases.

The gas extraction
In underground coal mine gas accumulation is very dangerous.Explosion and related losses and might have happened, liquid ring vacuum system that is designed for this application can help to avoid this situation.

The mine gas pressurization

Mine gas booster is well low pressure gas booster to the high pressure pipeline of high pressure gas process.Wellhead gas pressure below atmospheric pressure, or positive pressure is relatively low, need to use vacuum pump or low-pressure compressor suction, higher than the atmospheric pressure and pressure is increased to 15-30 psi.The first step, using the rotating blades, or liquid ring pump, or compressors, the gas is passed to the second step of high-pressure compressor.High pressure compressor usually adopts rotating screw or reciprocating compressor, the gas through a pipeline to the processing equipment.

Coal bed gas recovery

This kind of application in coal mine, there are two kinds of gas.A from microbes, the other is a coal mine gas deposit.Through to the coal mine drilling, and find the exact location of the precipitation gas, vacuum pump can be used for gas recycle, depending on the wellhead suction and exhaust pressure.Gas is low pressure vacuum pump after collection, by the high pressure compressor pressure in the pipeline for processing, or to joint power generation, etc.
Usually, recycle gas is very clean, but may still have a lot of liquid into gas.Recovery of the gas has many USES, including joint QiZhan for generating and processing and sales.

Methane recovery

Methane gas recovery can be described as gas recovery in refinery sewage system or production.Because of its composition, the gas is usually considered a waste gas.Due to the HC gas contains a lot of, these gases usually has to be burned.

Most of the time, there are some can make use of the quality of the gas is burnt, these gases have some remaining BTU value.Once the gas separation, can be recycled, and from the low pressure compressor pressure to the pipe inside the compressor.The reciprocating compressor maximum compression recycle gas, the compression and transmission to the gas station, after processing, joint can be used to generate electricity.

Application of the concept of “into” here, because most of the recovery will be burning gas is of great economic value, and as an energy source and source of revenue.Will waste burning gas to reduce to a minimum, not only conducive to environmental protection, but also solve the problem of income and opportunity.

 Water Ring Pump Application In Coal Industry


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