Rotary vane vacuum pump used in transformer vacuum drying equipment

Rotary vane vacuum pump can be used to generate a rough and medium vacuum or as backing pumps in pump combinations with roots pumps or high vacuum pumps, we also know the rotary type vacuum pump can widely used in vacuum coating , metallurgy, electronics industries, This article will introduce to you how rotary vane vacuum pump used in transformer vacuum drying equipment.

Working principle:

Through the way of pumping air into vacuum state, reduce the coil insulation the saturated vapor pressure of water environment, making it easier to evaporate from the insulating paper, in the meantime, constantly to its heating, raise the temperature, to ensure the gasification of water energy, let the water more easily.


For power transformer core, fittings and similar products, before the assembly for vacuum drying processing equipment, cause the dry processing products to meet the design requirements.

Characteristics of the equipment
1, the heating system is equipped with two temperature control instrument, to prevent failure, to increase safety coefficient.

2, individually controlled heating can be divided into three groups, can choose automatic, manual operation.

3, After pressure setting, vacuum pump (generallly use roots vacuum pump and rotary vane vacuum pump)can achieve automatic control;Also can be automatic, manual operation option.

4, with cars, objects together out of the housing cavity, convenient and save time.

5, tank storehouse door has six fastening bolt, used to lock doors, easy to operate.

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