Rotary roots vacuum system application of light volt generating units of raw materials polysilicon ingot



Polysilicon ingot furnace equipment which include roots vacuum pump and rotary vane vacuum pump ,which  is the special equipment designed for the solar industry, make the necessary equipment of the polysilicon ingot casting.This type of equipment can automatically or manually complete ingot casting process, high efficiency and energy saving, using advanced computer control technology, stable directional solidification, the production of polycrystalline silicon ingoth high quality, size large.


Advantages of this type of equipment are: high efficiency, high product quality;Heating speed, high efficiency;Safe and reliable, multiple equipment protection, safeguard the personal safety;All Chinese operations, full automatic alarm, save time and effort.

The working process of the vacuum furnace:

Polycrystalline ingot vacuum furnace equipment by furnace, gas control system, inferior vena room elevator systems, thermal insulation layer hoisting system, vacuum system, temperature control system, computer control system, etc, the SI3N4 coating protection layer of quartz crucible into polysilicon materials on the thermal conductivity is after

Strong graphite block, closed chamber of a stove or furnace of pumping air into vacuum state, after turn on the heater power after being silicon material melt completely, the thermal insulation layer slowly upward, with supported by inferior vena chamber of the edge of the directional solidification block, by directional solidification will block the release of the silicon crystallization heat radiation to the inferior vena water-cooled chamber.

Wall, thus in the crucible of silicon formed the vertical temperature gradient in the material.The temperature gradient make the silicon material from the bottom of the inside the crucible solidifies, grow from the melt at the bottom to the top, when all the silicon material after solidification, under the control of the program, silicon ingot after annealing, after cooling ,The furnace to complete the whole process of ingot casting.

Vacuum system:


vacuum system is to keep the silicon ingot under vacuum, a series of processing, the requirements in different state, the newspaper in furnace vacuum pressure control within a certain range, which requires the vacuum system vacuum equipment, colleagues are very sensitive pressure detection control device, ensure the silicon

Ingot in the process of growth, in good atmosphere, vacuum system by the mechanical pump and roots vacuum pump, which also can be called proportional valve bypass extraction system.

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