Roots blower in sewage water treatment Application

Why do Roots blowers need to be used in sewage ponds? How does Roots blowers play in sewage treatment? As we all know, Roots blowers are the core equipment in the sewage treatment process, which directly determines its effect and energy consumption. The Roots blower is mainly used in the biological process sewage treatment process for aeration tank oxygenation to promote the growth of aerobic microorganisms, through their metabolic action to decompose suspended solids, dissolved organic matter and nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus in sewage to achieve sewage treatment The purpose is to be the core equipment of the sewage treatment plant. The performance of the fans we use has a direct impact on the quality and energy consumption of the sewage we process.

In actual use, the equipment can treat wastewater, improve water quality, and allow people to have a healthy living environment. The high-pressure Roots blower is very efficient in treating wastewater and has a relatively high density. It can treat some turbid water. In the process of treatment, the equipment is directly aerated to increase the oxygen conversion rate by the pressure of the equipment, and then the converted air is continuously injected into the water, which is beneficial to some hazardous and waste The substance decomposes. See below diagram:

Roots blower in sewage water treatment Application

There are many impurities in the sewage. When high-pressure Roots blower is used to treat waste water, the problem of clogging will inevitably occur, so it is necessary to often use a material, that is, a microporous aeration plate of polyurethane film, which can effectively improve the equipment in operation. The problems that occur can ensure the normal operation of the equipment and reduce the frequency of blockages. When using high-pressure Roots blowers to treat waste water, you need to pay attention to check whether the equipment is intact. After you determine that the equipment is correct, then use the equipment to treat waste water, which can improve the efficiency of the equipment. Nowadays, high-pressure Roots fans have become the main equipment for waste water treatment, and have been unanimously recognized by people.

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