Roots blower selection

As different types of roots fans have different purposes, generally speaking, the roots fans in different construction scenarios are different, and there are problems in selection. Let’s briefly understand the factors of Roots blower selection.

First of all, let’s talk about the pressure factors that affect the selection of Roots blower

In the selection of Roots blower, pressure refers to the outlet pressure of Roots blower. First of all, because roots blower is of positive displacement type, it does not produce pressure itself. How does the pressure of Roots blower come from? In fact, the ability of Roots blower to overcome the pressure of front pipeline is called “roots blower pressure”. The pressure of Roots blower depends on the outlet pipeline and atmospheric pressure Force, so we must pay attention to the selection of roots fans within the pressure. If the pressure exceeds the rated pressure, roots fans will be in the state of overpressure, which may burn the motor. If the pressure of roots fans is insufficient, it may cause roots fans to fail to achieve the effect we need.


Then let’s talk about the flow factors that affect the selection of Roots blower

The flow of Roots blower is also the air flow parameter of Roots blower, which means the volume of gas delivered by roots blower in a fixed unit time. Generally, the unit of measurement is: m3 / min or m3 / h. When we use roots blower, we usually need it to do something for us, such as delivering 10 tons of flour per hour, so the value of affecting 10 tons is reflected in the flow of Roots blower. When we select the type, we need to estimate the required air volume with the data of material delivery volume. Air volume is the most important part of Roots fan selection, because it completely determines what your needs are, and you can’t choose wrong, because some industries just need more of this value, not less!

Let’s continue to talk about the speed factors that affect the selection of Roots blower

What does the rotating speed of Roots blower mean? First of all, the rotating speed of Roots blower determines the service life of Roots blower. Because of the abrasion of the rotor and the casing of Roots blower, the rotating speed of Roots blower with the same parameters is different and the rotating speed of Roots blower with slow speed is sure to be longer than that with fast speed. Then there is the wind speed (flow): when the enclosure volume is the same, the flow of fans with fast speed must be larger than that with slow speed.

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