Roots blower used in the breeding industry

Roots blowers are more commonly used in sewage treatment, pneumatic conveying, silty conveying, etc. In fact, they are also widely used in the breeding industry. Among them, aquaculture is much used for aeration, the advantages and characteristics of using Roots blowers in the aquaculture industry are here to share with you!

In fishery production, Roots blowers are used to increase oxygen in fish farming to increase fish output and realize scientific farming.

Roots blowers are produced bubbles by ultra-fine hole aeration. The contact surface with water in the water is very large, and the contact time is very long, so the oxygen transmission efficiency is very high.

The Roots blower adopts a microporous aeration aerator, which has extremely high oxygen transmission efficiency, and the dissolved oxygen per unit of water can quickly reach about 4.5mg/L, which can greatly save the electricity costs of farmers.

The microbubbles in the microporous aeration tube at the bottom of the Roots blower rise slowly, and the curved channels of the micropores on the tube wall are air micro-permeable pipes. The speed is slow, the resistance is small, the aperture is dense, there is almost no sound in the water, and does not interfere with the normal operation of shrimps and crabs in the water. activity.

This strain has undergone a thorough biochemical reaction with humus. Compared with the gas rock and the aerator, the aeration tube has a large oxygen contact area, a large bubble on surface , a large gas-liquid contact coefficient, a slow bubble rise speed, a good atomization effect, and a good dissolution and oxidation effect.

It has good safety performance and will not cause any pollution to the water. Other ways to increase oxygen include working in water, which is prone to leakage and potentially harmful to humans and shrimps.

Moreover, the maintenance of Roots blower is convenient. Because Roots blower is light in weight, has a long service life and is simple to maintain, the frequency of use of the blower in the market is relatively high. If you have any needs, please feel free to contact us!

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