Roots blowers used in aquaculture of fish, shrimp farm

Since the invention of fish pond aeration in society, the roots blower for fish pond aeration is an indispensable fishery machinery for fish farmers to establish. The use of Roots blower for fish pond aeration can continuously improve the water quality. In large-scale pond fish culture, most of them use the three leaf roots blower. The oxygen supply of the three leaf roots aerator is very uniform and stable, because it is aerated under water, and it is impossible to cause vibration to the water surface, and the life of water products will not be affected. Moreover, the roots aerator can operate continuously for 24 hours, which ensures the abundant oxygen supply The fan not only provides the oxygen needed by fish, but also contributes to the oxidation and decomposition of organic matter in the pool, the convection of water up and down, the increase of dissolved oxygen in the bottom layer and the reduction of harmful substances such as hydrogen sulfide and ammonia in the bottom layer. The natural balance of bacteria and algae, the establishment of natural ecology of water quality, the continuous improvement of fish habitat environment, the enhancement of physique and vitality are conducive to the production and sales. Continuous improvement of water quality is more important than food environment.

aquaculture of fish, shrimp farm

According to the experience of EVP in aquaculture, taking 10 mu of pond as an example, the selection of oxygen increase of Roots fan is as follows:

Generally, a 2.2kW trilobite roots blower can be equipped on 10 mu land. The number of aeration discs installed is about 35-40. In case of 2 meters of water depth, only the fan with ZW65 / ZG65 / SSR65 and 2.2kW fan of 19.4m3/min 34.3kpa 1440r/min can be equipped. For the discharge of pipes, it mainly depends on the situation of your pond, the length and width. Generally, PVC pipes are arranged on the bank side, about 120 meters. The fan outlet is connected with PVC pipe, one outlet is connected with the vent hose at 4 meters interval, and the aeration disk is connected to the middle of the pond, 30 plates are placed, and the hose is arranged at intervals of 15-25-35 meters. Because the requirements of oxygen are different between shrimp and fish, the quantity of aeration pan should be added and deleted according to the density of shrimp. Because the aquaculture situation of each user is different, such as: breeding density, water level depth, whether the whole pond, or separate multiple ponds, pipe loss, etc. are the factors affecting the fan selection.

Roots blowers used in aquaculture of fish, shrimp farm

According to the theoretical model selection formula for aquaculture aeration,
the required flow at the inlet QS = more than X1.5% of the water volume of the pool (m3 / h), The water depth of 1 meter is equal to 9.8kpa, and the water depth of 2 meters is equal to 19.6kpa.
However, when the water depth is less than 1 meter, the pressure of high-pressure roots blowers needs 10KPA. However, the water depth of 1 meter can only be exposed when the limit is reached.
According to the actual model selection, 1 meter high-pressure roots blowers should be used in the water depth of 1 meter, pressure 18KPa (the pipeline loss is included), which can ensure the normal operation for 24 hours.
The air output of the aeration disk is generally 80 flat disk nano aeration disk. The air output of an 80 flat disk aeration disk is 2.3 m3 / h. When we remove the pipeline loss in normal use, we should calculate the air output of an 80 flat disk aeration disk by 3 m3 per hour. Generally, 6 aeration trays should be placed in one mu of land for breeding. If the breeding density is very high, more aeration trays should be placed.
For example, if the customer’s area is 10 mu and the water depth is 1.3 m, according to the above calculation, the fan aeration pump with pressure above 20 kPa and the aeration pump with air volume not less than 180 m3 / h should be selected. When you choose one with an air output of 320m/H and a pressure of 26kpa, you can bring it up. (Because you also need to consider the actual water depth, area and installation method for selection)
roots blowers
The three blade roots blower of Shanghai EVP Vacuum Technology Co., Ltd. is a new product developed by ourselves based on the advanced experience of Roots blower developed and designed by Japanese TAIKO machinery, The product has the characteristics of good sealing, high efficiency, low noise, small vibration, small volume, large range of air volume and pressure rise, low noise, stable and reliable operation, wide range of use, etc.

roots blower

Auxiliary accessories: it is composed of inlet and outlet muffler, check valve, base, flexible joint, tee, safety valve, filter, etc.
EVP vacuum three blade roots blower can also be widely used in petrochemical, building materials, electric power, smelting, chemical fertilizer, mining, port, light textile, food, paper making, sewage treatment and environmental protection industries. Welcome to enquiry.

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