Roots blower

Roots Vacuum Pump Seller, to allow oxygen to be fully stirred and dissolved in liquids

1. Regular overhaul of the roots blower will have more screw on the body. These screw will be loosened in the long-term use process. At this time, it is necessary for the users to carry out necessary overhaul and timely eliminate potential safety hazards in order to ensure the normal use of the roots blower and the service life of the roots blower for grain transportation.

2. Wind blades on Roots fans are the part of the whole body that is prone to problems. Therefore, during the use of Roots fans, regular inspection and maintenance of the wind blades should be carried out. If it is found that the noise of the wind blades is too large or the abnormal rotation of the blades occurs, professional personnel should be promptly sought to repair the fans to avoid the malfunction of the whole body caused by the damage of the wind blades. Appear

3. When disassembling the machine, it is necessary to measure and record the dimensions of the machine and mark and direction the parts to ensure the assembly and maintain the original coordination requirements.

4. The overload of Roots blower sometimes does not show up immediately, so we should pay attention to the changes of temperature and electric power of inlet and exhaust pressure bearing to judge whether the machine is running normally.

5. Under normal conditions, the unit must change lubricating oil for 1000 hours, pay attention to the cooling condition of lubricating oil, and pay attention to the oil-free YH environmental protection fan.

2) If the load needs constant flow effect, use Roots blower because Roots blower is the main parameter of constant flow blower. The output pressure of air flow varies with the change of pipeline and load, and the change of air flow is very small. Roots blower is a kind of high-pressure blower. Roots blower conveys air from the inhaled side to the volumetric blower in proportion to the speed. On the exhaust side, if the load needs constant pressure effect, the centrifugal fan is used because the main parameter of the centrifugal fan is that the output air volume of the wind pressure varies with the change of pipeline and load. The compressed process of the centrifugal fan with little change in air pressure is usually carried out through several working impellers (or stages) under the action of centrifugal force. Centrifugal fans belong to square torque characteristics, while Roots fans belong to constant torque characteristics. Near Energy Bureau requires that the grid connection of rotary fans should be taken as an important reference index for the new arrangement of wind power development scale and project layout. The area with obviously low utilization hours of wind power should not further expand the construction scale. Its spearhead is directed at the increasingly serious problem of wind power abandonment and power limitation in some places since last year. Abandoned wind power limitation is more serious. In 2011, the average utilization hours of abandoned wind power limitation in China exceeded 10 billion kilowatt-hours decreased dramatically.

The safe operation and service life of Roots blower depend on correct and regular maintenance. Attention should be paid to the following points besides general maintenance rules for any accident seedlings:

1. Check the tightening condition of each part and whether the positioning pin is loosened. If it is loosened, it should be tightened.

2. Whether there is oil seepage inside Roots blower

3. There should be no scaling, rusting and peeling phenomena inside the blower body.

4. Pay attention to whether the lubricating oil cooling is normal, pay attention to the quality of lubricating oil, often listen to the noise of blower operation, pay attention to whether the unit works in non-conforming conditions.

5. Blower overload sometimes does not show immediately, so attention should be paid to the changes of temperature and motor current of inlet and exhaust pressure bearings in order to judge whether the machine is running normally.

6. When disassembling the machine, it is necessary to measure and record the size of each fit of the machine and mark and direction the parts to ensure the assembly and maintain the original fit requirements.

7. The new machine or the blower after overhaul should be put into operation according to the operation steps. It is recommended that all lubricants be replaced after 8 hours of operation.

8. Under normal conditions, after-sales service that requires 1000 hours of operation of the unit to replace lubricating oil on time is not within the scope of three free packages.

9. Daily maintenance is an important minor fault that must be repaired before it is put into use.

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