Roots vacuum pump in reduced pressure tower system

Roots vacuum pump in reduced pressure tower system of application

In view of the high energy consumption and unstable vacuum on the top of the traditional vacuum reduction tower, the system of the vacuum reduction tower is reformed. Roots vacuum pump is a very effective vacuum equipment, its ultimate vacuum capacity can make the vacuum of the container up to -98kpa, to achieve the deep extraction of oil refining plant. The capacity of the constant pressure reduction unit represents the size and processing capacity of the petroleum refining enterprise. This article describes the application of roots vacuum pump in the vacuum tower system has what kind of advantages, and roots vacuum pump characteristics are what.

Roots vacuum pump are introduced of performance characteristics

Roots vacuum pump is a rotor type variot-volume vacuum pump, which can only be used with the cooperation of the previous pump. It has a large pumping speed in a wide pressure range and is not sensitive to dust and water vapor in the extracted gas. It is widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, food, electronics, coating and other industries.

1. Roots vacuum pump has low noise, and the fan inlet and exhaust port adopt spiral shape, so that the process of inlet and exhaust is cut in the direction of spiral line step by step, avoiding the pulsation noise and vibration of the old roots blower in the process of exhaust.

2. Small vibration. Although the rotor has been precisely machined into a state of equilibrium, it is still balanced by a high-precision dynamic balancing device.

3. Stable performance. Roots blower rotor, housing, wall panel, shaft and other key parts, are using advanced control processing equipment to improve the interchangeability of parts.

4. Fast start, low power consumption, low operation and maintenance cost, high pumping speed and high efficiency, insensitive to a small amount of water vapor and dust contained in the extracted gas.

5. High adiabatic efficiency and volumetric efficiency, thus saving energy. Roots fan rotor adopts advanced composite curve, meshing more reasonable, and increase the volume efficiency.

6, the use of high precision, high hardness of synchronous gear, not only roots vacuum pump life is extended, but also effectively reduce the noise.

Is the performance of roots vacuum pump affected by ambient temperature?

Roots vacuum pump in use, not only need to choose the right type, but also to control the ambient temperature. What are the effects of ambient temperature on roots vacuum pump operation? Here is a detailed introduction for you:

Roots vacuum pump in the operation of the ambient temperature should be less than 40, and motor temperature rise should not exceed 75. After 1000 hours of normal operation of the magnetic pump, the bearing and end ring should be removed and checked for wear and tear, and the exchange of vulnerable parts that are not suitable for reuse, the transport fluid is easy to accumulate crystallized medium, after use should be cleaned in time, drain the pump fluid.

Want to prevent the environmental temperature influence roots pump operation function, it is necessary to do the following points:

1, adhere to the vacuum pump cleaning, the vacuum pump must not place other objects, must not block the vacuum pump around the channel, in order to facilitate the pump body cooling, cooling, and also conducive to repair and operation.

2, often pay attention to roots pump triangular belt tightness, too tight too loose to be adjusted, if the belt is too tight, complex lead to pump temperature too high.

3, do not let the pipe joints leak, pre-vacuum in the box to adhere to the appropriate range, once the defect, very complex resulting in roots pump environmental temperature change, timely repair is very important.

By plant roots vacuum pump operation, found that compared with the traditional steam time, although the initial investment cost is higher, but because of its simple structure, easy maintenance, can choose according to use a number of debugging, inverter control, low energy consumption, less sewage treatment fee, in fact, the roots vacuum pump application in the vacuum distillation tower system efficiency is superior to the steam time. And roots vacuum pump structure is more in line with the pressure reduction tower system, because it can achieve the purpose of vacuum stability, energy consumption reduction.

Roots vacuum pump in reduced pressure tower system

Roots vacuum pump in reduced pressure tower system

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