Roots vacuum pump of pump chamber

Roots vacuum pump of attention should be paid to cleaning pump cavity

Roots vacuum pump has high requirements for its cleaning, because only when the pump body is kept clean and all parts are clean, can the extracted gas not be polluted, otherwise it will affect the use of vacuum pump. The pump cavity is a part of the vacuum pump that is often cleaned when cleaning. It is necessary to do a good job of cleaning, so that those dirty things are not sucked in. When cleaning the pump cavity, we must pay attention to:

Roots vacuum pump of pump chamber

1. In dirty working conditions, dirt will deposit in the pump cavity or rotor of Roots vacuum pump. After removing the inlet and outlet connecting pipe, blow out the dirt with dry compressed air or wipe the dirt with solvent.

2. Can not be blown out by the pump cavity and wipe off the dirt can be wire brush, metal wool or scraper completely removed, and then change the oil.

3. During the cleaning of Roots vacuum pump, the rotor can only be turned by hand, and there should be no loose sediment in the pump.

4. After cleaning, rotate the rotor slowly by hand to check the operation of the pump. They should rotate freely without any resistance.

Note: Roots pump does not need to be disassembled, if necessary, contact the manufacturer to dismantle.

Just bought roots vacuum pump in use when the gas is basically clean, this is because all parts of the pump, including the pump cavity, the manufacturer has done a good job of cleaning. Users in the use of each part must also do a good job in cleaning, or regularly find the manufacturer to clean for you. In short, the long-term dirty pump, their efficiency will certainly not be very high. When cleaning the pump cavity, remember not to connect the power supply, otherwise it is very dangerous.

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