What is a vacuum pump

1、 Vacuum pump use

The vacuum pumping device is used in transformer vacuum pumping, vacuum smelting, welding, drying, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, power vacuum devices and other industries for vacuum pumping. The working pressure of the unit is 133pa-5pa, and the limit vacuum that can be reached is 5pa. It has the characteristics of quick start, high pumping speed, stable performance and simple operation. It is especially convenient for transformer or power equipment vacuum pumping, vacuum oiling, vacuum drying, etc.

The unit can be equipped with imported vacuum pump or imported roots pump as required. This unit adopts roots pump as the main pump and rotary vane vacuum pump as the front pump. A electromagnetic vacuum charging valve is connected in series between the front stage pump and the main pump, which is opened and closed with the switch of the front stage pump. An electronic vacuum gauge can be installed at the air inlet of the unit, so as to accurately observe and control the vacuum degree of the pumped container.

2、Vacuum pump features

The machine is humanized design, fast start, stable performance, simple structure and convenient operation.

(1)equipped with pipeline filter, which can effectively prevent impurities with large particles from entering the system and damaging the vacuum pump.

(2) the standard configuration of the machine is closed, beautiful and generous, convenient for outdoor operation of customers.

(3)full automatic control can realize the unattended online operation, and the operation status is displayed by the indicator light.

3、 Product optional configuration and equipment form

(1)PLC full-automatic intelligent control, touch screen operation and dynamic display can be selected according to the needs of users.

(2) vacuum pump, roots pump, electrical components, etc. shall be domestic or international Ming brand.

(3) equipped with digital vacuum meter, the vacuum degree of the evacuated container can be mastered immediately.

(4) the structure of the whole machine is generally mobile open type, which can be specially made into fixed type, full closed type, semi closed type, eave type and canvas canopy according to the user’s requirements.

(5) the customer can choose the color and material of the equipment as required.


What is a vacuum pump

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