Oilless vacuum pump

一、Overview of oil free vacuum pump:

Oilless vacuum pump is a vacuum pump, which is one of the vacuum equipment. The ultimate vacuum of oil free vacuum pump is 6 x 10-2mpa. It has the advantages of simple structure, easy operation, easy maintenance and no pollution. It is a mechanical vacuum pump with a wide range of applications. Compared with the general lubrication vacuum pump, oilless vacuum pump is more widely used, which is applied to the absorption and transportation of various kinds of goods, and automatic mechanical material supply equipment.

二、 Use of rotary vane vacuum pump without oil vacuum pump:

No oil vacuum pump can be applied in the following work:

1. The vacuum suction column of the automatic packaging line is packed and loaded.

2. Paper vacuum suction for printing machinery.

3. High efficiency vacuum filling in various liquid injection bottles.

4. The vacuum of various plastic products is molded into shape.

5. Air tightness test of the surface of an object in a vacuum.

6. The label of the carton and bottle items is vacuumed.

7. Vacuum suction fixed camera plate.

8. Use pressure difference to guide gas analysis under vacuum condition.

9. All kinds of medical machine machinery and automatic line.

10. Vacuum suction clamp for non-magnetic parts in processing.

11. Leak detection test of various containers in vacuum.

12. Application of food processing machinery.

13. Vacuum distillation in Chinese and western medicine factory.

14. Vacuum attraction in hospital operating room.

15. Study on gas analysis and physical and chemical experiments in universities, institutes and factories.

16. Supporting use of various medical devices, etc.

三、Principle of oil free vacuum pump:

The working principle of oil-free vacuum pump is the same as that of general volumetric pump, which consists of stator, rotor, rotary piece, cylinder block, motor and other main parts. With rotary vane rotor and eccentric installed in the cylinder, when the rotor high-speed rotation, the rotor slot four radial sliding vane rotary pump chamber separated into four workshops, due to centrifugal force role, rotary vane against the cylinder wall, separating the stator into the outlet, the cycle running, transfiguration, will breathe air, discharge from the vent, thereby achieve extraction.

四、Characteristics of oil free vacuum pump:

1.due to the oil-free vacuum pumps there is no oil vapor, for some, when their use, working environment and be processed products will not be oil pollution, is a kind of use in the strict requirement of oil vapor industry the most ideal vacuum equipment.

2. Compared with vacuum pumps that do not require oil lubrication, regular maintenance and maintenance can be greatly reduced, so there is no need for vacuum oil, which can bring inconvenience and annoyance to the maintenance.

3. No oil vacuum pump adopts direct motor connection, compact structure, light weight and smaller external size than other types of pumps.

4. Without oil vacuum pump, multi-blade high-speed rotation is applied to avoid pulse fluctuation in each exhaust.

5. No oil vacuum pump can keep the atmosphere running continuously.

Installation and use of oil free vacuum pump:

1. Adequate ventilation and less than 40 environmental temperature.

2. Clean places without dust and dirt.

3. No water, oil and other liquids will land on the pump.

4.Not directly exposed to the sun.

5. There is enough surrounding space to facilitate the inspection, maintenance and installation of the pump.

6.No oil vacuum pump must be installed on flat surface.

7. It is better to install the oil-free vacuum pump on the hard foundation of similar concrete. If there are no conditions, the pump can be firmly installed on the steel or wooden frame.

8. It is necessary to ensure that the oil – free vacuum pump does not cause vibration due to weak foundation.

9. The connection pipe with the oil free vacuum pump should not be too long and less than the inlet diameter of the pump, affecting the pumping speed, and it is the attention to check whether the vacuum connection pipe is leaking gas.

10. When connecting wires, pay attention to the required wiring requirements on the motor nameplate. The three-phase electric pump should pay attention to the rotation direction of the motor should be consistent with the direction indicated on the pump.

11. After a long period of continuous work, the pump temperature will increase greatly, which is normal, and there is no need to worry about the life of the oil-free vacuum pump.


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