Rotary vane vacuum pump in oxidant

Rotary vane vacuum pump in oxidizer of application

Rotary vane vacuum pump in oxidant

Rotary vane vacuum pump can play the role of vacuum storage in oxidizer.

The vacuum storage system of oxidants is mainly used for the long-term storage of ultra-fine oxidants in the vacuum state, so that the limited space inside the storage tank is in the vacuum state isolated from the atmosphere for a long time. The air in the storage tank is discharged by the rotary vacuum pump, so that a relative vacuum is formed in the tank, and the vacuum pressure in the vacuum environment in the tank remains relatively stable, so as to ensure that the state (particle size, water content) of the materials stored in the tank remains relatively stable, thus extending the storage time and meeting the needs of charging production. In the process of vacuum storage of oxidant, automatic control technology is applied to realize one-time storage of oxidant before charging in the engine.

Rotary vane vacuum pump can remove a certain amount of condensable gas, high capacity to remove water vapor. Small size, light weight, low noise.

The oxidant can be stored for several months or even a year under the premise of keeping the vacuum pressure in medium and low vacuum with the rotary vacuum pump, effectively reducing the phenomenon of caking. The improved vacuum degree can effectively extend the storage time and storage effect of the oxidant, and provide effective guarantee for the bulk charging of solid rocket engine, which is the benefit of the application of the rotary vane vacuum pump in the oxidant.

(1) in the chemical industry, it is widely used in the production of various raw materials and finished products. Oxidants are commonly used in metallurgy to remove impurities and purify the melted metal, such as iron ore, iron phosphorus, air or industrial pure oxygen used in the steelmaking process. In chemical cells, oxidants are commonly used to remove oxygen from the positive electrode, called “removers”, such as manganese dioxide used in dry cells.

(2) when the oxidant is decomposed by heat, it is easy to cause combustion explosion, so it cannot be heated.

(3) many oxidants are easy to explode, such as chlorates, nitrates, especially organic peroxides. After friction, impact, vibration and other effects, they are easy to cause explosion, so they should be loaded and unloaded lightly.

(4) strong reaction will occur when organic matter, inflammable articles, inflammables and so on, and even cause combustion explosion. So the packaging materials of oxidant, warehouse and transport vehicles, must be thoroughly cleaned, in order to prevent impurities, dangerous.

(5) most oxidants react violently with acid, or even explode, such as potassium chlorate, benzoyl peroxide, etc., and explode with sulfuric acid. So these oxidants should not come into contact with acids or alkaline substances; In case of fire, do not use acid and alkali extinguishers.

(6) some oxidants with water decomposition, especially the peroxides of active metals, such as sodium peroxide, when water decomposition heat, and release oxygen, easy to make combustible combustion, so this kind of oxidants should not be affected with moisture; Don’t use water to extinguish fire.

(7) some oxidants can have a double decomposition reaction with other oxidants and produce high temperature, causing combustion or even explosion. For example, nitrite, hypochlorite and so on encounter the oxidant which is stronger than it, immediately show reductive, can produce the violent reaction and cause the danger. So you don’t want to put any oxidants in there.

(8) some oxidants, such as silver bromate, decompose when exposed to sunlight, so they should avoid light. There are many oxidants that are corrosive and toxic, such as chromium trioxide.

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