Vacuum pump of oil filter

With the development of industrialization, oil filter has become a necessary equipment in many factories. The service life of oil filter in many factories is too long. Causes problems with the vacuum pump. What are the common failure types of vacuum pump of oil filter?

1. Exhaust port of vacuum pump is smoking;

2. Oil injection and leakage of vacuum pump;

If the problem of the vacuum pump is not very serious, the vacuum pump can be disassembled by itself, and the vulnerable parts of the vacuum pump can be replaced before the vacuum pump is cleaned and assembled, so as to maintain the vacuum pump;

3. The noise of vacuum pump exceeds the standard;

4. The vacuum degree drops;

5. Scalding of vacuum pump.

Proper maintenance of vacuum pump of oil filter can reduce the difficulty of maintenance of vacuum pump. Proper maintenance of vacuum pump can make better use of vacuum pump. The following suggestions are put forward for maintenance of vacuum pump:


1. Before the vacuum pump is stopped and started for a long time, the vacuum pump shall be started repeatedly and intermittently;

2. When installing the vacuum pump for the first time, check whether the motor is rotating forward, that is, the rotation direction of the motor is the same as that of the rotor in the pump. Generally, the normal operation direction of the motor is marked above the motor;

3. The vacuum pump oil shall be replaced regularly, generally once every 3-6 months. In case of emulsification and carbonization of the pump oil, the special vacuum pump oil shall be replaced in time

4. After using the vacuum pump, discharge the vacuum pump;

5. When the vacuum pump is running, the oil temperature should not be higher than 75 ℃. If there is any fault, please contact the vacuum pump manufacturer immediately;

6. The rotary vane vacuum pump shall be installed in a clean oil filter and a clean environment, and there shall be no sundries, dust, water source and areas with high temperature;

7. If the vacuum pump needs to be operated for 24 hours, it must be maintained every six months;

8. If the vacuum pump of the oil filter has potential hazards such as inhaling impurities, dust, water and chemicals, a precision filter shall be installed at the air inlet of the vacuum pump. If the amount of impurities, dust and water is too large, a storage tank must be installed for filtration to prevent impurities such as dust and water chemicals from entering the vacuum pump;

9. During the normal operation of the vacuum pump, the vacuum pump oil in the pump shall not be lower than the oil mark line, and shall be at 2 / 3 of the oil mirror. When filling, it is strictly prohibited to mix with different brand and model vacuum pump oil

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