Korea vacuum scroll pump

Korea vacuum scroll pump abstract:

The invention relates to a new type of oil-free scroll vacuum pump. The special structure of the frame ensures that the vacuum pump is completely new and unique in order to meet the requirements of true diameter and size of vacuum pump for vehicles. In order to ensure the vacuum pump assembly, the motor shell structure for a new unique design. The vacuum pressure sensor is connected to the motor controller, which is a brand new scheme compared with the existing scheme on the vehicle, which can save the cost of control relay on the vehicle and improve the reliability.

Korea vacuum scroll pump

Principle, structure, type and application of scroll vacuum pump

Korea vacuum scroll pump of principle

The working cavity of scroll vacuum pump is composed of a pair of conjugate scroll disc pairs. A scroll disk is a scroll disk with one or more involute spiral grooves on the surface. A static scroll disc and a dynamic scroll disc are interlocked and assembled together. The anti-rotation mechanism guarantees 180° phase difference between the dynamic and static discs. A pair of scroll disc pairs composed of such a pair constitute the pumping structure of oil-free scroll vacuum pump. The static and moving vortices contact each other on several straight lines (points in the cross section) to form several pairs of closed crescent cavities, and the moving vortices drive the crankshaft

The contact point moves along the scroll surface to realize suction, compression and exhaust. Driven by the motor, a new set of crescent cavity is formed for each turn of the crankshaft, so as to realize the suction, compression and exhaust cycle of the scroll vacuum pump, forming a containment and forced delivery of the extracted gas.

Korea scroll vacuum pump structure type

The male transformation

The common transformation is a fixed scroll (called static scroll), and the other one revolves around it and translates (called moving scroll disc). The rotating scroll disc is driven by the crank shaft, and the position of sealing point rotates synchronously with the spindle. Its overall structure is simple, less parts, eddy rotation speed is small, less mechanical wear, but it needs to be balanced design. scroll vacuum pump USES the outermost scroll to contain gas to form a closed suction chamber. In order to reduce the flow guide between the end of the scroll disc and the air inlet, the air inlet is usually set near the end of the outer ring of the scroll disc. At the same time, in order to ensure that the gas in the center compression chamber is discharged as far as possible in the exhaust process, the exhaust hole is usually located near the center of the stator disk. Because the compression ratio in the scroll pump is not very large, often set the exhaust valve to eliminate the lack of compression, but should make the volume between the exhaust valve and the top of the scroll as small as possible. In order to improve the pumping speed or reduce the size of the scroll disk, a bilateral scroll is often designed.

Back to the transformation of

The reverse transformation is made up of two scroll spindles mounted on two sides of bearings, one of which is directly driven by the motor and the other is driven by the cross slip ring mechanism and rotates at the same Angle. The sealing position of the formation of a line, the direction is always the same, the pump is vertical structure. The drive motor is in the upper part of the housing and the scroll disk is in the lower part. Because the sealing direction is unchanged, the rotary radial sealing is easy to be controlled by human and can avoid unloading operation caused by side contact of the scroll. However, its overall structure is complex, with many parts and high mechanical wear.

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