SSR150 blowers

SSR150 roots blowers for desulfurization and oxidation

If the blowers diameter is 300 caliber according to the standard, but the connecting pipe is less than this caliber, then the blowers may face overpressure. Sometimes it is inconvenient for equipment maintenance, monitoring and piping arrangement, which is not conducive to the heat dissipation of covered equipment, most of which need ventilation to cool the air inside the shell. At the bottom of the tank, calculate the amount of air based on the number of ventilation disks in each tank. Roots blower gear oil replacement sequence: first take off the gear oil, and then inject new gear oil, the first time: one month after the start, three months after the second time, long-term operation every six months to replace.

If the pump enters the air, the Roots blowers maintenance cost will be reduced and each seal assembly will need to be inspected and maintained. Overpressure has a great effect on roots blower, especially on motor damage. We also had a consulting client who was also in the morning when the blowers started. Generally, we have soundproof equipment for Roots blower. The soundproof door must be opened in summer. Bearing vibration and noise caused by uneven force of impeller. Ensure the error of impeller under rotation condition. If there is a large error, it is verified as a defective impeller, and the finishing is performed again for improvement.

The process of reducing or isolating noise using advanced noise control technology. The blowers can be used for a long time at ambient temperature not exceeding 40℃. When the temperature exceeds 40℃, cooling measures such as exhaust blowers should be installed to increase the life of blowers. Traditional methods cannot achieve effective governance while the device is running. After a long time of repeated demonstration from design to practice, it has been proved that the following technologies are very effective in controlling the noise pollution of Roots blowers. According to the air volume parameters, the three-blade Roots blowers can be selected: the pressure is lower than 58.8kPa, the optional model is 250, the aeration blowers can meet the parameters of 56.67 cubic.

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