steam jet in evaporation system of application

Liquid ring vacuum pumps consume external work because of the formation of a liquid ring, so the efficiency is low. Compared with reciprocating vacuum pumps, this type of vacuum pump has fewer moving parts, lower manufacturing requirements, and is less affected by the restriction of liquid entrained in the gas. However, the vacuum degree that the liquid ring vacuum pump can reach is low, the pressure is in the medium vacuum range, the operating point is at the edge of the operating curve, and the operation is extremely unstable.

steam ejector is simple in structure, low in price

The steam ejector is simple in structure, low in price, low in operation and maintenance costs, and is often used in small devices. However, the operating pressure of the injection system cannot fluctuate greatly, because in the design of the steam ejector, in order to maintain the vacuum of the system and operate stably when the pumping volume is zero, it is necessary to stabilize the power according to the design requirements of the flow and energy. Steam to maintain the necessary flow rate in the diffuser chamber. When the pressure of the power steam of the metering pump is lower than a certain value, the operation will be discontinuous and the inlet pressure will increase; when the flow of the power steam at a stable pressure increases, the suction volume will decrease and the suction pressure will increase.

The ejector can not only dehumidify and dry materials, including corrosive materials, but also meet any reasonable vacuum required in the industry. At the same time, it has no moving parts, no noise, small footprint, and simple operation. In the actual design, it should be combined with the actual situation of the factory. Under the conditions of rich steam, relatively clean medium, not easy to block, and low control requirements, it is a good idea to select vacuum facilities according to local conditions and replace the vacuum pump set with a steam injection system.

steam jet in evaporation system of application

Steam jet pump of characteristics:

Easy to install and operate

No moving parts, no wear

maintenance free

High safety performance

Long service life


Steam jet pump installation instructions:

1.This equipment needs to perform a hydraulic test at 3 kgf/cm2, and after 5 minutes it will drop to 1 kgf/cm2 (gauge pressure)

2.This equipment needs to conduct an air tightness test at 1 kgf/cm2 for 2 hours, and the average leakage per hour shall not exceed 0.2% (the above two tests do not include the outlet pipe).

3.This equipment should be installed according to the installation design drawings, each flange connection is not used for supporting weight, and the imaginary line part of the equipment is determined by the process.

Steam jet pump failure of causes and troubleshooting

fault Possible Cause Solution
l Can’t reach the reqired vacuum.

l Vacuum drop.

l Vacuum unstable.


l The alkali or acid concentration of the circulating water increases, and the pore size of the perforated plate or diffuser is reduced by scale. l Use acid to clean or replace parts.

l Adjust the acid-base concentration of circulating water.

l The temperature of the circulating water in the pool increases. l Replace or add part of the circulating water to lower the water temperature
l System leak l Check the system for plugging
l A large number of air bubbles are entrained in the circulating water. l A baffle is arranged between the drain pipe and the water pump inlet pipe.

l There are a lot of bubbles in the circulating water. Replace the circulating water.

l Backflow

(circulating water flows out from the suction port)

l The nozzle and the aperture of the porous plate corrode and deform. l Replace nozzle or perforated plate.

l Adjust the acid-base concentration in the pool.

l Inaccurate processing of nozzles and perforated plates. l Correct processing meets the accuracy standards of drawings.
l The mixing tube is not processed accurately and the surface is corroded. l Correct processing meets the accuracy standards of drawings.
l The perforated plate is clogged with foreign matter. l Remove foreign objects.

l Clean up the pool

l The pump pressure drops suddenly. l Check the water pump, replace or repair
l Improper operating procedures. l Turn off the pump and balance the drainage with the atmosphere.
l The circulating water flows back into the system. l Install a check valve in the system
l Fluctuations in atmospheric pressure affect back pressure l Connect a one-meter tail pipe under the drain pipe

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