Rotary vane vacuum pump of technical specification

1.  The application of 2xz rotary vane vacuum pump should be in accordance with the rules, and it is not suitable for removing the gas with high oxygen content and destructive effect on metal and oil.

2xz rotary vane vacuum pump

2. The limit vacuum of the pump is that when the container is not connected and the pump reaches the stability, the stable limit partial pressure is measured by the compact vacuum gauge within 30 minutes and conforms to the regular value.

3. The pumping speed of the pump is measured at the inlet pressure of 10 Torr, 1 x10-2 Torr and 1 x10-3 Torr, which shall not be lower than 95%, 50% and 20% of the nominal pumping speed of the pump respectively.

4. Working environment of the pump: the temperature is 5-40 ℃, and the relative humidity is not more than 90%. If it is greater than 90%, the air ballast valve should be opened.

5. The temperature rise of the pump shall not be greater than 40 ℃.

6. The air inlet of the pump shall not be open for more than 3 minutes, and there shall be no fuel injection during this time.

7. No oil leakage is allowed at the oil seal of the pump.

8. The oil return after the pump stops should not hinder the restart of the pump.

9. The surface of the parts should be damaged or not after being processed.

10. The external surface of the pump is bright with paint.

11. Under the condition that the user abides by the storage, operation, installation and transportation rules of the pump, the manufacturer shall ensure that the pump has good performance within 6 months of operation (or the date of delivery from the manufacturer does not exceed one year). If there are defects, the manufacturer is willing to repair or change the product with the user free of charge.

12. Experimental methods and acceptance rules:

(1) Factory test contents: ① limiting vacuum (including opening and closing the gas ballast valve). ② Temperature rise.

(2) The content of type test (type test is sampling inspection of qualified products after ex factory test), which is mainly terminated according to jb1069-72. ① Limit vacuum; ② pumping rate; ③ required power; ④ gas ballast parameters; ⑤ vibration; ⑥ noise; ⑦ temperature rise.

According to the model, the pump must be operated continuously for 500 hours, and its performance should remain unchanged.

13. Pump type marking and storage

14. Each pump shall be provided with product certificate and instruction.

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