Screw vacuum pump of standard accessories

The spare parts used by different equipment are not the same, so is the screw vacuum pump, and only these accessories can be used. This requires us to understand the accessories it has in the process of purchasing. The following EVP vacuum pump series will let you know what the standard accessories of the equipment are.

Screw vacuum pump of standard accessories

1、 Standard accessories:
1. Base and shield
2. Exhaust muffler and intake separator
3. Suction port, check valve, vacuum gauge

2、 Optional accessories:
1. Suction filter
2. Exhaust condenser
3. Suction gas liquid separator
4. Flow switch and temperature switch

Screw vacuum pump

Screw vacuum pump has specified accessories, can not be missing any of the accessories, when we choose according to the small series of these to check, check whether there is less, do not choose the lack, if it has been bought back, but found that it is not replaced, return is very troublesome.

Screw vacuum pumps

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