Stokes 412H identical vacuum pump

Piston pump products of overview

With the most efficient and space-saving design in the industry, it sets standards for performance and reliability. After improvement, upgrade and fine adjustment, the reliability and production efficiency of the piston pump are higher, and the maintenance and process downtime is minimized.

The integrated oil distribution system eliminates the use of external piping and is designed to operate without leakage. The motor mounting platform is more rigid, which reduces flexibility and minimizes motor belt wear. The design of the cover and side cover o-ring is novel, which improves the sealing and avoids oil leakage. An integrated airbag valve built into the side cover allows rapid adjustment for automatic airbags.

Stokes 412H identical vacuum pump

Most importantly, these improvements won’t add floor space, and the space savings are still industry-leading. Inlet, outlet and mounting dimensions are identical to H series Microvac piston pumps. Stokes 412H same vacuum pump.

The pump is equipped with a 230/460v coil for controlling the oil solenoid valve, which prevents oil from flooding the pump interior in the event of a power failure or loss of vacuum.

Piston pump of application industry

Automotive, chemical processing, general applications, heat treatment, leakage detection, metallurgy, PET processing, pharmaceutical, transformer drying and cable liquid regulation, vacuum coating, vacuum smelting

Piston pump features and advantages

Solid ductile iron construction provides proven reliable operation.
Pump life * long when running at a low speed of 500rpm.
Efficient design with few moving parts, low speed and large clearance makes the running time ** longer.
Low limit vacuum as low as 2.5 x 10-2 Torr.
The bonnet is a new design, maintenance-free and noiseless.
Space-saving designs can save up to 50% of valuable ground space.
Deliver complete and self-contained units that can be installed at any time.
The automatic lubrication system provides proper delivery of lubricating oil to bearing and sealing surfaces and prevents its return to the system.
The controlled balance reduces the vibration to an actual low degree.
Airbags are supplied as standard components.
The overall function includes a variety of production and maintenance functions, which enable the equipment to maintain excellent operating conditions through a wide range of vacuum system accessories.

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