Vacuum chamber manufacturer

The advantages of several vacuum sealing technologies used by vacuum chamber manufacturers:

Vacuum chamber manufacturer

Vacuum chamber manufacturer. Good high-speed performance: Magnetic fluids have low internal resistance and power loss when in a rotating state, thus having the potential for high-speed motion.

Vacuum chamber manufacturer. Low resistance, low wear, and low heat generation. In seals equipped with bearings, in addition to minimal mechanical wear during rotation, the internal magnetic core components and shaft are not directly touched, resulting in low resistance, low wear, low heat generation, and low required working power. Good correction: When using it, due to certain reasons, the magnetic fluid seal may fail. As long as the internal components function normally, the magnetic fluid seal can be corrected in a relatively short period of time on site.

Non directional sealing. If the pressure direction needs to be changed, the magnetic fluid seal can be completed without adding any components.

Vacuum chamber manufacturer. Due to the many advantages of magnetic fluid sealing, the field of vacuum chamber use now involves domestic and imported vacuum equipment such as crystal growth equipment, dispersion furnaces, vacuum brazing furnaces, vacuum heat treatment furnaces, and coating machines.

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