vacuum flash distillation of introduction


Vacuum flash cooling refers to the cooling process in which the liquid is atomized and sprayed onto the cooled surface in a vacuum environment, and the flow of the liquid film formed on the cooled surface, flash boiling and other physical phenomena are used to dissipate heat from the cooled surface.

Vacuum flash evaporation is the process in which a liquid is superheated in a vacuum environment and quickly volatilizes into vapor. During this phase change, flash evaporation will absorb a lot of heat, and superheating of the liquid is a prerequisite for flash evaporation. There are two cases of overheating: the first is to heat the droplet. Since the heat cannot be quickly conducted to the inside of the droplet, overheating only occurs on the surface of the droplet; the second case is the rapid drop in the ambient pressure where the droplet is located. , so that the entire droplet is in a superheated state, and flash evaporation occurs not only on the surface of the droplet, but also on the inside of the droplet.

Vacuum flash evaporation technology has been widely used in seawater desalination, article drying, jet propulsion, laser surgery cooling and many other fields.

Classical Case

The user process needs to evaporate 120L/m3 @ 0.1Bar, but there will be no brine after evaporation. What gets evacuated is the steam/water vapor in the brine. The total evaporation, that is, the volume of the tank is 143.4451 m3. Water will be pumped into the container at 7 cubic meters per hour and all the water will be evaporated, but it will work in stages.

The user needs 2 vacuum pumps, one installed above and one below, and there will be a gate valve between them, so when this valve opens, the first pump shuts off and the second pump starts to suck out all the residue.

each stage will be approximately  5 minutes (depending on the residuals that we get), 120L/m , as soon as the water is inside the tank it’ll be evaporated and after 5 minutes the skimmer will start working so there won’t be an excess in residuals in the tank.

Please note that the brine will be pumped inside the tank in a temperature of 95c and considering the pressure change that is what will make it evaporate instantly.

EVP company solution:

For vacuum flash evaporation process: our company recommends using DLV1600 double-stage water ring vacuum pump closed system;

For the vacuum pump in the discharge process: our company recommends the use of 2BE1-202 single-stage water ring vacuum pump closed system

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