Vacuum pump for textile industry

The light textile industry is an industrial sector that produces and consumes materials. It mainly includes textile, food, paper-making, household ceramics, bicycles, sewing machines, clocks, watches, leather, arts and crafts, etc. It is an important part of the national economy. This paper focuses on the knowledge of polyester chips in the light textile industry and the application effect of vacuum pumps in the light textile industry.

What is polyester?

The scientific name of polyester is polyethylene terephthalate fiber, referred to as polyester fiber. Polyester is the commodity name of this kind of fiber in our country. Polyethylene terephthalate (PET), a fibre-forming polymer, is prepared by esterification and polycondensation of pure terephthalic acid (PTA) and ethylene glycol (EG), which is made by spinning and post-treatment.

What’s the difference between direct spinning and chip spinning in the light textile industry?

In terms of meaning, direct spinning refers to the method of producing polyester fibers by directly sending the melt of polyester produced by chemical reaction to spinning and post-processing through pipes. Chip spinning refers to the drying, spinning and post-processing of polyester chips to produce polyester fibers. _

From the process point of view, the process of chip spinning is more complex, and the investment of equipment, the area of workshop and power consumption are higher than those of direct spinning, but its production flexibility is greater and it is easy to change varieties. Direct spinning is only suitable for single variety and mass production.


Vacuum Pump usage and Characteristics:

1. Low Noise (High Precision Dynamic Balance)

2. Realizable overload protection (setting of relief valve)

3. Large pumping speed in a wide pressure range

4. Removal of high boiling point working medium (installation of gas protection device)

5. Easy to detect. (Inspection connectors are installed at the intake and exhaust ports)

6. Insensitive to dust and water vapor contained in the exhausted gas

7. Low Driving Power

8. The pump is widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, textile industry, electronic industry and light source industry.

Vacuum pump for drying polyester chips in light textile industry adopts liquid ring vacuum pump, which can make the qualified water content of chips up to 100%. Especially high temperature discharge can improve spinnability of spinning and play an important role in improving the first-class product rate of spinning.

We manufacture vacuum pumps for the textile industry. These pumps have undergone various quality tests to ensure excellent performance. In addition, customers can enjoy the availability of customized vacuum systems, which are equipped with advanced configurations to meet application requirements.

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