Vacuum pump in pulsating vacuum pressure steam sterilizer

In recent years, pressure steam sterilization has developed rapidly. Recently, vacuum technology has been introduced into the field of sterilization equipment, and pre vacuum and pulsating vacuum pressure steam sterilizers have appeared, which greatly improves the sterilization quality. Why do pulsating vacuum pressure steam sterilizers need vacuum pump technology? From the working principle, basic structure and working process of the pulsating vacuum pressure steam sterilizer, this paper intends to analyze the reasons for the application of the vacuum pump in the pulsating vacuum pressure steam sterilizer.

Pulsating vacuum pressure steam sterilizer is a kind of medical device which can extract vacuum and fill steam into the sterilization chamber (after the sterilization chamber reaches a certain vacuum degree, it is filled with saturated steam), and finally reach the set pressure and temperature, so as to realize the sterilization treatment of high temperature and humidity resistant articles. It is used for moist heat sterilization of medical instruments and surgical instruments and drying treatment after sterilization. According to the volume, it can be divided into large pulsating vacuum sterilizer and small pulsating vacuum sterilizer.

Vacuum pump in pulsating vacuum pressure steam sterilizer

From the working principle, basic structure and working process of the pulsating vacuum pressure steam sterilizer, this paper analyzes why the vacuum pump is selected for the application of the pulsating vacuum pressure steam sterilizer.

First, let’s understand its basic structure and workflow. It is generally composed of three parts, namely the main body of sterilizer, pipeline system and control system.

The main body of the sterilizer is the gate and the sterilization room. The sterilization room is made of SUS304 stainless steel plate without corrosion and pollution; the door is made of stainless steel plate with safety interlock device to ensure the safety of equipment door opening.

The pipeline system is composed of imported vacuum pump, pressure gauge, filter, pressure sensor and various pipelines. According to its functions, it is mainly divided into: pump water inlet pipeline, sterilization chamber steam inlet pipeline, sterilization chamber air inlet and return pipeline, sterilization chamber steam exhaust pipeline, vacuum extraction pipeline and safety system.

The control system controls the pneumatic components of the pipeline system to let the steam and clean preheating air in and out of the sterilization room, which can be programmed and processed by the programming controller, output different control signals, and automatically complete the control process.

The working process is as follows: firstly, the pulsating vacuumization of the sterilizer is carried out, and then the chamber of the sterilizer is heated and insulated to achieve smooth sterilization. After the sterilization process, the pulsating vacuum pressure steam sterilizer should be cooled and dried before exhausting to complete the whole sterilization operation.

Pulsating vacuum pressure steam sterilizer working principle :

The pulsating vacuum sterilizer uses saturated water vapor as the sterilization medium, adopts the air exhaust mode of mechanical forced pulsating vacuum, and exhausts the air in the inner chamber through 3-4 times of vacuumizing and injecting steam alternately, so as to make the air exhaust amount reach more than 99%, completely eliminate the cold point in the sterilization chamber, completely eliminate the “dead angle” of temperature, and make the microbial protein under the action of high temperature and high pressure Qualitative coagulation, inactivation to achieve the goal of sterilization. Through vacuum dehumidification and high-temperature drying at 132 ℃ ~ 134 ℃ through the sterilizer jacket, the sterilized articles can be dry and clean, and the articles can be taken out without being wet or hot.

From the above mentioned content, we can see that it must be vacuumized when it is running, and the steam applied in the whole sterilization process, vacuumizing must be realized through a vacuum pump, and the size and stability of the steam pressure should be controlled by a pressure reducing valve. Therefore, whether the vacuum pump and pressure reducing valve work normally plays a very important role in the operation of the sterilizer.

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